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DO DID Villa: Innovative House Design by L.E.D Architects

FeaturedModern, sleek residential home with large windows, landscaped garden, and paved walkway.

The DO DID Villa, designed by L.E.D Architects, is a captivating modern house located in Sisara, Iran, completed in 2022. Inspired by the surrounding landscape of the sea and forest, the villa’s design seamlessly integrates the interior and exterior spaces, creating a harmonious interplay between architecture and nature. With its striking black roof structure and strategically placed openings for natural ventilation and light, the DO DID Villa exemplifies a thoughtful approach to sustainable design.

Corner Villa: Discover Arash Madani’s Geometric Masterpiece

An open-concept modern living space with exposed brick walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and track lighting.

The Corner Villa designed by Arash Madani Design Studio in Sorkhab, Iran, is a captivating residential project that seamlessly combines communal spaces for gatherings and private sanctuaries. Crafted with precision, this house features a unique courtyard layout that ensures the privacy of the owner while enabling energy-efficient practices.

The villa’s distinctive geometric design with broken lines and lozenges not only creates expansive balconies but also provides shading to maintain thermal comfort. The project’s intelligent construction techniques and material choices highlight the beauty of the architecture while reducing environmental impact.

Hambud: Embracing Density and Openness

Elegant modern bedroom with sleek lighting fixtures, plush furnishings, and luxurious tiled floor.

The Hambud House, designed by Iranian architect Mohammad Hadianpour, is a remarkable residential project that seeks to address the unique challenges of its Ilam, Iran, context. Situated in a city characterized by high-density construction and limited open spaces, this contemporary house aims to create a harmonious balance between indoor and outdoor areas, while also incorporating sustainable design principles.

The project’s focus on semi-open spaces, privacy, and the integration of natural elements highlights the designer’s thoughtful approach to enhancing the overall living experience for the residents.

Samon Villa: Innovative House Design by NaP Studio

FeaturedModern, sunlit interior with geometric architecture, built-in shelving, and a person on the balcony.

NaP Studio‘s Samon Villa in Iran’s Mazandaran Province is a stunning example of contemporary architectural design. Situated in the picturesque region, this 2023-designed house masterfully blends modern elements with the area’s natural beauty. The property’s sleek, minimalist aesthetic and thoughtful integration with the surrounding landscape make it a captivating residential project that showcases the designer’s expertise in creating harmonious living spaces.

The Man and the House: A Unique Foothill Dwelling

Striking modern architecture with clean lines, textured facade, and elevated terraces.

Discover “The Man and the House,” an architectural marvel by ZAV Architects in Damāvand, Iran. Designed in 2021, this three-story house harmoniously blends the elements of fantasy and logic into its structure. Stepping away from traditional designs, it situates itself beautifully at the foot of Mount Damavand, tapping into the metaphysical relationship between its deep, dark cellar and airy, light-filled attic—each connected by a symbolic staircase.

Downwind Residential Apartment: Tailored Living Spaces for Students

Striking modern building with a facade of gridded glass panels and lush greenery.

Discover the Downwind Residential Apartment in Shiraz, Iran – a masterfully designed student housing project by AshariArchitects. Unveiled in 2022, this innovative three-story building seamlessly integrates with its single-story neighbors, employing a dynamic shell that dances with the wind. Inside, expansive ceilings and a multifunctional rooftop space redefine student living, offering privacy, light, and stunning views of the Zagros Mountain.

Daarsib Villa: A Serene Getaway Amidst Iran’s Apple Orchards

Sleek, modern architecture with a serene outdoor pool and mountainous backdrop.

Designed by Deed Studio-UAE in 2020, Daarsib Villa stands as a private haven in Damavand, Iran. Nestled within an apple orchard, this villa invites tranquility, reflection, and intimate gatherings. It skillfully combines minimalist design with the natural rhythm of its surroundings, offering sweeping views and a serene atmosphere for residents to connect with nature and themselves.

Undone: A Tehran House with a Story in Every Wall

Modern interior with concrete pillars, staircase, and ambient lighting.

Embark on a journey with “Undone,” a house distinctive for its raw aesthetic in Tehran, Iran. Designed by Ontic Works Inc. in 2021, this project reimagines traditional living spaces. Amid socio-economic adversity, it stands as a monument to resilience, blending generations of history within its walls. Beyond its rugged facade, Undone harmoniously accommodates living, working, and dancing, challenging conventional privacy norms and fostering communal bonds.