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Alpine Chalet CPL: Rustic Meets Modern in Montreux

A rustic wooden chalet with a gabled roof and a balcony, set in a mountainous landscape.

The Alpine Chalet CPL in Montreux, Switzerland, designed by Ralph Germann Architectes, showcases a stunning fusion of traditional mountain architecture and contemporary design. Originally built in 1830, this rural building has been expertly transformed into a modern haven, preserving the property’s historic charm while incorporating raw materials like concrete and lime plaster. The design emphasizes a neutral setting to showcase the clients’ artwork and antique furniture, with a large horizontal window offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Casa Sil: Zurich Lake Retreat with Innovative Folded Design

Modern, glass-walled house with a scenic lakeside view and well-landscaped garden.

Designed by renowned firm Daluz Gonzalez Architekten, the Casa Sil in Zürich, Switzerland, is a captivating house that leverages its unique lakeside location. This striking, 2020-built residence features a folded, cantilevered volume that maximizes views of the surrounding landscape. Inside, a warm, wooden core connects the spaces, creating a harmonious, open-plan living experience.

Franklin University Switzerland Campus: A Striking Landmark for Elevated Education in Lugano

Striking modern architecture featuring curved white facade and wood-paneled building.

Flaviano Capriotti Architetti has designed a captivating extension to the Franklin University Switzerland Campus in Lugano, Switzerland. The new wing features a harmonious blend of communal and residential spaces, with 29 residential units, educational facilities, and a fitness area. The project’s holistic approach to knowledge and learning is reflected in its permeable, narrative-driven architecture, where the façade pays homage to the iconic symbol of knowledge: the book.

House Riken: Stunning Residential Building in Switzerland

A unique, contemporary architectural design featuring dark, angular facades and large windows.

In the picturesque canton of Aargau, Switzerland, Tormen Architekten has designed an exquisite three-story residence that seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape. House Riken, completed in 2024, boasts a breathtaking panoramic view of the Jura mountain range, thanks to its strategic orientation on a northern slope. The private retreat features a covered lounge area and an exposed concrete pool, while the ground floor offers a spacious living area with panoramic glazing, providing an inviting and harmonious living experience.

House with an Eye: Sustainable and Efficient Zurich Expansion

Cozy home library with circular window, wooden shelves, and vibrant red chair.

Studio Anna Jach‘s House with an Eye in Zurich is an exceptional renovation project that blends sustainable construction, energy-efficient solutions, and innovative design.

Commissioned by a small family, this Swiss architectural marvel features an interactive pine wood facade with dynamic shutters that control natural light. The rear facade further captivates with a programmed 3D shadow relief, creating a mesmerizing interplay between the building and its surroundings.

House in Villette: Inside the Concrete Enigma of Swiss Design

A modernist concrete residential complex with wood accents and lush surrounding greenery.

Introducing the House in Villette, designed by Charles Pictet Baptiste Broillet Architectes Associés in Thônex, Switzerland. Completed in 2022, this house redefines modern living with its minimalist design, thoughtfully integrating nature with its interiors and exteriors. Overlooking the verdant Arve valley, every element—from the strategic placement to the use of natural light—accentuates its stunning architecture and connection to the surrounding landscape.

GG House: A Masterpiece of Glass and Light in Trüllikon

A modern living room with a white sofa, blue storage unit, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

GG House in Trüllikon, Switzerland, redefines luxury living with its 2023 design by NOE9. This unique house seamlessly integrates glass, Canaletto walnut, and concrete, blending the indoors with the natural surroundings. The innovative use of colored glass and strategic lighting enhances the spacious interior, making it a perfect example of contemporary architecture that respects its origins while embracing modern comforts.