Villa M by De Santi Alessandro Studio di Architettura

Welcome to Villa M, a modern Mediterranean marvel designed by the De Santi Alessandro Studio di Architettura. Situated in the lush Italian landscape, this home offers a seamless blend of contemporary design with Mediterranean charm.

A modern two-story home with a stone exterior, balcony, and lush landscaping.
Stunning modern villa with sleek architecture, pool, and lush olive grove setting.
Spacious modern dining room with large windows, wooden furniture, and sleek lighting.
Minimalist dining area with panoramic view, modern lighting, and wooden furnishings.
Sleek, modern kitchen with clean lines, wood accents, and statement lighting fixtures.
Modern kitchen with sleek cabinets, granite countertops, and large window overlooking nature.
A modern, minimalist garage entrance with sleek black roller shutters and a paved driveway.
Modern stone and stucco building with wooden beams, surrounded by lush lavender field.

About Villa M

Mediterranean Modernity

The exterior of Villa M exudes a contemporary aesthetic with its clean lines and minimalist approach. Olive trees dot the property, creating a connection with the natural surroundings. The facade, a combination of smooth plaster and textured stone, reflects the golden Italian sunlight, while expansive windows invite the outside in.

Stepping onto the property, the linear geometry of the house contrasts with the organic forms of the landscaping. The olive grove sets the stage for the sleek swimming pool, which mirrors the clear blue skies above. It’s a space designed not just for living, but for experiencing the beauty of Italy’s outdoors.

Interior Elegance

Inside Villa M, the journey begins in the dining room, where a large table awaits family gatherings. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame views of the sea, while the natural light plays across the surfaces, highlighting the wood’s warm tones and the room’s simple sophistication.

The adjacent living area, with its uncluttered layout, features a few carefully chosen furnishings that emphasize comfort and style. Here, the interior design makes a statement with its lack of ornamentation, allowing the architecture itself to take center stage.

Moving into the kitchen, functionality meets design. Dark countertops provide a striking contrast to the light cabinetry, and state-of-the-art appliances are cleverly integrated, striking a balance between form and utility.

A Seamless Flow

The coherence of Villa M’s design is evident as one room transitions to the next, each space maintaining a dialogue with the outdoors. The bedrooms, private yet open, continue the theme of simplicity, offering a retreat where one can retreat and rejuvenate after a day in the Italian sun.

Villa M, a design by De Santi Alessandro Studio di Architettura, stands as a model of modern Mediterranean living. Its straightforward, inviting spaces promise a home that is both functional and visually striking, a true reflection of the Italian way of life.

Photography courtesy of De Santi Alessandro Studio di Architettura

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- by Matt Watts