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Patio-House: Designing Privacy and Tranquility in Spain

Expansive indoor-outdoor space with brick walls, open shelving, and a leather lounge chair.

Discover Patio-House in Salou, Spain, designed by NUA Arquitectures in 2021. This house merges ancient Roman influences with modern design, creating a serene living space centered around a courtyard. Crafted for light and privacy, paramount design features include ceramic materials and architecturally strategic light play, perfectly encapsulating Mediterranean warmth and heritage. Explore how traditional aesthetics meet contemporary needs in this unique home.

Casa Mangos: A Costa Rican Haven with Mediterranean Flair

Modern white villa with open living space and curved pool surrounded by greenery.

Discover Casa Mangos, a Mediterranean-Tropical refuge in Playa Guiones Nosara, Costa Rica. Designed by Salagnac Arquitectos in 2022, this house stands as a stunning blend of Mediterranean elegance and Costa Rican traditions. Just steps from the beach, it offers a unique ‘L’ shaped layout, promoting natural ventilation and uniting luxurious living with environmental respect.

Experience the fusion of limestone, teak, and palm in a design that celebrates local craftsmanship and Costa Rica’s rich heritage, all while providing a serene refuge in the heart of a tropical paradise.

Villa Cap Roig: A Mediterranean Revival

Villa Cap Roig: A Mediterranean Revival

Villa Cap Roig, a gem in the Costa Brava crown, represents a seamless blend of traditional Mediterranean allure and modern design. In Calella de Palafrugell, Spain, this 2023 Bloomint Design renovation breathes new life into a ’70s retreat.

Architects Ivana Tuneu and designer Aude May have sculpted light to be the villa’s cornerstone, with skylights and bay windows that bathe every room in the warmth of the Spanish sun, crafting spaces that speak of style and comfort.

Punta Mayia: Beach Apartments with a Greek Twist

Punta Mayia: Beach Apartments with a Greek Twist

Punta Mayia in Brisas de Zicatela, Mexico, designed by Garquiteg, is a 2022 marvel that redefines beachside living. This collection of beach apartments captures the essence of traditional Mediterranean architecture, infused with local charm.

A stone’s throw from the surf and sand, Punta Mayia offers a serene escape with its sun-drenched terraces and Mykonos-inspired design, providing an exclusive experience for both local and international travelers.

Villa SD: A Stone House Treasure in Bordighera, Italy

FeaturedVilla SD: A Stone House Treasure in Bordighera, Italy

Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite architectural design with Villa SD, a breathtaking masterpiece nestled in the heart of Bordighera, Italy. Seamlessly blending the stark beauty of modern design with the rustic charm of traditional Mediterranean elements, Villa SD is the epitome of elegant living. This captivating stone house, spanning approximately 250 square meters (2691 square feet), has been masterfully crafted by the renowned Giordano Hadamik Architects.

With its grand façade graced by large openings facing the valley and the sea, Villa SD stands as a testament to luxury living, harmoniously co-existing with the lush terrain of the Ligurian terraces. Step into a world where architecture meets nature, where earthy elements playfully tease the senses, and where the stunning view of the Gulf stretching out towards Montecarlo becomes an everyday spectacle.

Borgo Aratico: A Revitalized Historic Farmhouse in Monopoli

Borgo Aratico: A Revitalized Historic Farmhouse in Monopoli

Embark on a journey through the stunning Borgo Aratico, a historic stone farmhouse nestled in the lush landscapes of Monopoli, Italy. Designed by Floriana Errico in 2019, this distinctive real estate boasts of a perfect amalgamation of the past and the future.

Once a rural complex of high historical value, Borgo Aratico‘s restoration has transformed it into a modern residential retreat that lets tourists savor the picturesque beauty of the Itria Valley. Its vibrant history, aesthetic design elements, and indigenous materials come together to create a unique architectural experience, paying homage to the farming traditions of its original owners.