Casa Mangos: A Costa Rican Haven with Mediterranean Flair

Discover Casa Mangos, a Mediterranean-Tropical refuge in Playa Guiones Nosara, Costa Rica. Designed by Salagnac Arquitectos in 2022, this house stands as a stunning blend of Mediterranean elegance and Costa Rican traditions. Just steps from the beach, it offers a unique ‘L’ shaped layout, promoting natural ventilation and uniting luxurious living with environmental respect.

Experience the fusion of limestone, teak, and palm in a design that celebrates local craftsmanship and Costa Rica’s rich heritage, all while providing a serene refuge in the heart of a tropical paradise.

Modern white villa with open living space and curved pool surrounded by greenery.
Modern open-plan living space with dining area and pool view.
Modern open-concept living space with dining area, pool view, and wooden beams
Modern open-plan living space with vaulted ceiling and natural light.
Arched doorway framing an outdoor pool with a sun lounger and large tree in
Modern white stepped planters with greenery in front of a glass facade.
White modern house with an external staircase beside a circular pool, surrounded by trees.
Modern outdoor patio with lighting leading to an open interior space and staircase at dusk.
Modern house with illuminated interiors, poolside loungers, and a twilight sky.
Modern house with illuminated arches and staircase at twilight.

About Casa Mangos

Casa Mangos: A Fusion of Cultures

Casa Mangos stands as a stunning example of Mediterranean style reimagined in Costa Rica’s lush tropics. Nestled in Playa Guiones Nosara, Guanacaste, it harmoniously blends architecture with nature, mere steps from the beach and surrounded by Guanacaste trees.

Innovative Design Meets Tropical Elegance

The residence showcases a modern twist on classic Mediterranean design, perfectly suited to the tropical setting and enriched with Costa Rican cultural elements. An ‘L’ shaped layout thoughtfully divides social and private spaces, promoting natural airflow and a serene living environment.

Craftsmanship and Local Materials

Concrete, limestone, palm, and wood dominate the material palette. Local carpenters have skillfully worked the teak, emphasizing the value of artisan craftsmanship and infusing the home with Costa Rican tradition. The detailed Costa Rican fretwork, a highlight of the artisanal work, adorns select spaces, blending the indoors and outdoors through poetic light filtration. Limestone adds an earthy texture to the living areas, linking Mediterranean influences with the tropical landscape.

A Tribute to Costa Rican Heritage

The traditional ranch influences are evident in the palm roof, honoring ancestral Costa Rican building techniques. This choice not only complements the modern architecture but also offers a natural escape from the tropical sun. Such use of indigenous materials underscores a deep respect for the environment and local culture.

A Living Canvas of Light and Shadow

As dusk falls, Casa Mangos transforms. Light dances through wooden lattices, casting a mesmerizing shadow play on the walls. This daily spectacle accentuates the textural beauty of the materials and the craftsmanship behind them.

Casa Mangos is more than just a residence. It represents a continual connection with the environment, melding tropical life with a Mediterranean perspective. It celebrates local heritage, commits to sustainability, and pays homage to the breathtaking beauty of Playa Guiones Nosara. Every aspect, from design to material choice and craftsmanship, dialogues with the earth, offering a lifestyle both luxurious and authentically Costa Rican.

Photography courtesy of Salagnac Arquitectos

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- by Matt Watts