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Modern House in Valencia: A Modular Masterpiece

Contemporary home with large pool and flat roof design.

Discover the elegance of Modern House in Valencia, a custom-built, L-shaped modular home by Casas inHAUS. This architectural marvel, nestled in a prestigious Valencia neighborhood, Spain, marries modern design with Mediterranean flair. White finishes and technological woods adorn the exterior, offering an elegant rhythm to the façade while ensuring harmony with its wooded surroundings.

Designed in 2024, this house showcases avant-garde design made tangible in just 5 months, proving that luxury and efficiency can coexist beautifully.

Wood House: The Epitome of Eco-Friendly Luxury

FeaturedContemporary walkway with concrete walls, wood paneling, and lush shrub

Embrace the elegance of Wood House, a contemporary gem in Fazenda Boa Vista, São Paulo, Brazil. Crafted by MOS, Matheus Farah, Manoel Maia Architecture, and Gaia Construtora, this residence epitomizes sustainable luxury with its innovative wooden structure and commitment to eco-friendly construction. A haven for efficiency and minimal maintenance, Wood House offers a seamless blend of design and nature, providing a welcoming space for gatherings in the heart of Brazil.

House in the Hills: Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Modern house with poolside loungers and a hot tub.

Step into the House in the Hills, where Viù Architettura‘s vision brings to life a single-story marvel in Bologna, Italy. Embracing the modern design ethos, this home is a harmony of panoramic views and intimate connections with nature. Its 12-meter-wide glass facade and nearby pool offer a serene outlook onto the city’s twinkling nightscape, ensuring every moment is imbued with tranquility and beauty.

V House: Light, Space, and Privacy

Minimalist interior with wooden accents and sleek furnishings.

Step inside the V House, Nottdesign‘s architectural masterpiece located in Dnipro, Ukraine. This single-story house merges modern and industrial styles on a snug 800 m2 plot, surrounded by a mix of old and new constructions.

With three bedrooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and a living room that boasts a fireplace and large terrace, V House stands out with its V-shaped roof and south-facing windows, ensuring privacy and abundant natural light.

Casa Ulìa: Margine’s Modern Retreat in Italy’s Olive Groves

Modern single-story building with a patterned facade and central walkway.

Discover Casa Ulìa, a minimalist gem by Margine in Caprarica di Lecce, Italy, fusing modern design with Salento’s rural charm. In this 2023 project, a young couple’s dream of a peaceful retreat comes alive amid olive groves.

Integrating local materials and traditions, Casa Ulìa stands as a testament to sustainable, energy-efficient living. Its open spaces, panoramic views, and bespoke furnishings exemplify the seamless blend of luxury and the rustic allure of the Italian countryside.

Casa Mangos: A Costa Rican Haven with Mediterranean Flair

Modern white villa with open living space and curved pool surrounded by greenery.

Discover Casa Mangos, a Mediterranean-Tropical refuge in Playa Guiones Nosara, Costa Rica. Designed by Salagnac Arquitectos in 2022, this house stands as a stunning blend of Mediterranean elegance and Costa Rican traditions. Just steps from the beach, it offers a unique ‘L’ shaped layout, promoting natural ventilation and uniting luxurious living with environmental respect.

Experience the fusion of limestone, teak, and palm in a design that celebrates local craftsmanship and Costa Rica’s rich heritage, all while providing a serene refuge in the heart of a tropical paradise.

Residência Araucária: Mid-Century Charm in Brazil’s Guaporé

Modern home exterior with pool and hammock.

Embrace the elegance of Residência Araucária, a stunning example of mid-century modern design in Guaporé, Brazil. Crafted by VOO® Arquitetura e Engenharia in 2020, this single-story house harmoniously merges with its verdant surroundings.

Its unique location in a condominium near a green massif enhances its charm. The residence, a fusion of art and architecture, offers a tranquil retreat where indoor and outdoor spaces fluidly intertwine.