Wood House: The Epitome of Eco-Friendly Luxury

Embrace the elegance of Wood House, a contemporary gem in Fazenda Boa Vista, São Paulo, Brazil. Crafted by MOS, Matheus Farah, Manoel Maia Architecture, and Gaia Construtora, this residence epitomizes sustainable luxury with its innovative wooden structure and commitment to eco-friendly construction. A haven for efficiency and minimal maintenance, Wood House offers a seamless blend of design and nature, providing a welcoming space for gatherings in the heart of Brazil.

Linear building with textured wall, adjacent to a garden.
Spacious living room with wooden ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Modern living room with wooden floors, ceiling, and panoramic windows.
Modern home interior with wooden floors and ceiling, extending to an outdoor patio.
Modern living room with wooden ceiling, large sofa, and TV, person standing by
Contemporary bedroom with wood accents and tropical view.
Modern bedroom with wooden ceiling and floors, large windows, and a green bedspread
Contemporary house with open sliding door and wooden exterior.
Contemporary walkway with concrete walls, wood paneling, and lush shrub
Contemporary home with landscaped garden and sleek outdoor pool.

About Wood House

Introducing Wood House: A Symphony of Wood and Light

A striking wooden roof with visible structural elements sets Wood House apart, a masterpiece nestled in Fazenda Boa Vista, São Paulo. MOS, alongside Matheus Farah and Manoel Maia Architecture and Gaia Construtora, brought this vision to life.

Innovation Through Research

In 2019, a journey began. Both companies embarked on research to revolutionize construction. Their goals were clear: faster delivery, predictable processes, cost control, and minimal maintenance. All the while, they adhered to the highest sustainability and efficiency standards.

A Celebration of Wood

Wood, the star of the show, features prominently in every room. Designers inverted main beams to expose secondary ones, eliminating the need for ceilings. This decision underscored wood’s beauty and challenged them to harmoniously integrate it with metals, frames, and prefabricated concrete elements. These concrete elements, chosen for their quick installation and durability, marry structural speed with sustainability.

Spaces That Connect

Wood House serves as a sanctuary for friends and family. Wrapped in wood, prefabricated concrete slabs stand 25.6 inches apart (65 cm), supporting a roof that spans social areas and private quarters alike. This design choice forges a grand balcony that embraces the outdoors.

The residence unfolds in three L-shaped blocks, promoting seamless flow and flexibility. Every space, from communal to private, offers landscape views. The first block supports the home’s functionality with essential services. The second block, topped with a light wooden roof, hosts social gatherings. The third block, connected through a serene internal garden, contains five suites, each a testament to privacy and elegance.

Material Harmony

The house’s aesthetic balance comes from contrasting materials and textures, all amplifying wood’s warmth. The interior design, from furniture to finishes, creates a cozy ambiance. Slatted wooden panels ensure suites remain well-ventilated and lit.

Landscaping with fruit trees attracts local birds, enhancing privacy. Indirect lighting and large glass panes flood the space with natural light, emphasizing the home’s connection to nature.

Remarkably, prefabricated structures expedited completion, showcasing the benefits of innovative construction without compromising quality or comfort.

Photography courtesy of Matheus Farah e Manoel Maia Arquitetura

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- by Matt Watts