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Sabino Apartment: Green Oasis in São Paulo’s Urban Jungle

Modern living room with wooden walls, a large sofa, and a flat-screen TV

Discover the urban oasis of Sabino Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, crafted by Matheus Farah e Manoel Maia Arquitetura in 2023. This contemporary apartment complex is a testament to innovative design, featuring lush green landscapes, a striking mural by Rodrigo Cass, and an array of amenities including a gym, pool, and relaxation terrace.

Experience the perfect blend of art, architecture, and modern living at Sabino Apartment.

Melo Alves 645 Apartment: A Paradigm of São Paulo Living

FeaturedContemporary living room with wooden floors and large windows.

Discover the Melo Alves 645 Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, a masterpiece designed by Matheus Farah e Manoel Maia Arquitetura in 2023. This contemporary apartment represents urban living at its finest, integrating luxurious interiors with the vibrant spirit of its surroundings. Explore how this real estate marvel combines flexible layouts, innovative design features, and exclusive amenities to create a unique living experience.

Ibsen House: A Modern Oasis in São Paulo

Modern living room opening onto a pool with lush greenery in the background.

Step into the heart of São Paulo, Brazil, where the Ibsen House redefines modern living. Designed by Matheus Farah e Manoel Maia Arquitetura in 2020, this house merges the beauty of nature with architectural innovation. Its unique design features vertical gardens, large sliding panels for flexible space division, and a central pool visible from nearly every room, offering a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living.

Experience a home where privacy meets communal enjoyment, all while maintaining harmony with its vibrant surroundings.

Wood House: The Epitome of Eco-Friendly Luxury

FeaturedContemporary walkway with concrete walls, wood paneling, and lush shrub

Embrace the elegance of Wood House, a contemporary gem in Fazenda Boa Vista, São Paulo, Brazil. Crafted by MOS, Matheus Farah, Manoel Maia Architecture, and Gaia Construtora, this residence epitomizes sustainable luxury with its innovative wooden structure and commitment to eco-friendly construction. A haven for efficiency and minimal maintenance, Wood House offers a seamless blend of design and nature, providing a welcoming space for gatherings in the heart of Brazil.