AR09: A Modern Moscow Apartment by Kodd Bureau

Dive into the heart of Moscow with the AR09 apartment by Kodd Bureau, a modern Scandinavian-designed home that masterfully blends minimalism with functional living. Located on the vibrant Arbat Street, this space is a testament to innovative design, transforming historical architecture into a contemporary haven.

Discover how natural light and wooden textures create a warm, inviting atmosphere, making every corner of this apartment a harmonious blend of past and present.

Modern room with two designer chairs and wooden shelving.
Modern living room with wooden bookshelf, tufted sofa, and minimalistic
Modern dining and living room with wood furniture and neutral tones.
Modern room with wooden cabinets, tufted sofa, and ottoman.
Modern dining area with a wooden table, four chairs, and three pendant lights.
Minimalist bedroom with wooden features and neutral tones.
Minimalist home office with wooden stairs and white furniture.
Minimalistic bedroom with wooden bed and neutral tones.
Minimalist room with TV, bean bags, and built-in wall panels.
Minimalist home office with sleek wooden desk and two chairs.
Minimalist bathroom with a sleek basin on a wooden vanity, muted tones, and

About AR09

Reviving History with Modern Design

Kodd Bureau took the helm of the AR09 project, transforming an apartment on Moscow’s historic Arbat Street into a modern marvel. The design journey began by navigating the challenges left by previous owners who stripped the space of its historical essence. Yet, Kodd Bureau embraced these challenges, integrating minimalism and functionality while paying homage to the apartment’s rich past.

A Seamless Blend of Spaces

Upon entering, a cabinet-divided hall ushers you into the living area, acting as a prelude to the apartment’s thoughtful layout. Flanking the central living room are the children’s room and master suite, complete with dressing rooms and a bathroom. The design cleverly merges the living and dining areas, creating a cohesive space that breathes Scandinavian simplicity and warmth. Here, natural wood surfaces and furniture from the Ligne Roset factory accentuate the apartment’s historical character with a modern twist.

Illuminating Comfort and Style

Large, restored wooden windows flood the apartment with light, casting a bright, welcoming glow. Soft textiles throughout add layers of comfort, creating a space that feels both sophisticated and inviting. A striking fourteen-meter (approximately 46 feet) load-bearing wall extends from the living room to the concealed bathroom, cleverly delineating functional zones without compromising the open feel.

Master Suite: A Sanctuary of Calm

The bedroom integrates seamlessly with the rest of the apartment, featuring a podium that doubles as a workspace and transitions into a sleek, hidden bathroom. This unified approach extends to the decor, where neutral tones foster a serene atmosphere. Beyond the work area, a utility room serves multiple purposes: storage, an additional office, and a sports zone, revitalizing a space once used for mundane tasks into one filled with potential.

A Testament to Thoughtful Design

AR09 stands as a testament to the power of functional design, where every element serves a purpose, blending style with practicality. The careful selection of furniture and accessories underscores the apartment’s elegant simplicity. By embracing the building’s historical roots and introducing modern elements, Kodd Bureau has crafted a living space that harmonizes the past with the present, creating a foundation for life that celebrates both time and style.

Photography courtesy of Kodd Bureau

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- by Matt Watts