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Loft DJ: Discover Dinnova Studio’s Industrial Glam Apartment

Modern and cozy living room with metallic artwork, skylights, and sleek furnishings.

Dinnova Studio‘s Loft DJ in Guayaquil, Ecuador, is a captivating apartment that seamlessly blends industrial glam and Scandinavian-inspired elements. Designed in 2020, this compact yet well-designed space showcases a monochromatic color palette accentuated by strategic lighting and carefully curated details. From the kitchen’s statement appliances to the living area’s plush velvet furnishings, this loft exudes a refined and serene ambiance, complemented by the integration of lush greenery that connects the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Dalarö House: Scandinavian Summer Retreat in Sweden

Cozy living space with textured concrete walls, wood-beamed ceiling, and plush furnishings.

Dalarö House, a stunning summer retreat nestled in one of Stockholm’s prime holiday destinations, showcases the exceptional design skills of Olson Kundig.

This 2019 project seamlessly blends with the surrounding Scandinavian landscape, creating a cozy and inviting living experience. Featuring a natural palette of materials, including oak floors, casework, and exposed concrete walls, the house’s architectural language pays homage to the region’s rich design heritage.

MapleHaus: Sustainable Architecture in the High Desert of Utah

A modern, wooden cabin-style structure nestled among lush, forested hills.

KLIMA architecture‘s latest residential design, MapleHaus, is a captivating example of energy-efficient living in Park City, United States. This 2500 sq ft house, completed in 2021, features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, seamlessly blending modern design with Passive House building principles. Clad in weathering Corten steel, the home’s exterior will gracefully age over time, offering a high fire rating in the high desert mountain environment. With a focus on maximizing livable space and minimizing waste, the project’s innovative 12’x12′ grid system and material palette exemplify the architectural firm’s commitment to sustainable, thoughtful design.

Ave Duchastel Residence Mid-Century: A 1950s House Transformed

FeaturedTwo-story modern wooden house with large glass windows, outdoor dining area, and lush landscaping.

Discover the Ave Duchastel Residence Mid-Century, designed by Salem Architecture in 2023 and located in Outremont, Montreal, Canada. This house embodies a remarkable transformation of a 1950s architecture, blending mid-century design with modern Scandinavian and Japanese influences. The property boasts expansive living spaces and a profound connection to the surrounding natural environment, making it a serene urban retreat.

Rustic Grade: Embracing Minimalism in a Canadian Forest

A modern, minimalist cabin with sleek grey exterior, large windows, and warm interior lighting.

Discover Rustic Grade, a minimalist chalet in Canada, designed by Maurice Martel. This south-facing refuge embodies harmony with nature, offering a journey of spiritual renewal through its simple yet sophisticated architecture. Integrating durable materials and optimizing space, this chalet stands as a testament to an economical yet comfortable dwelling amidst a lush forest and river soundscape.

Mid-Century Residence Ave Duchastel: Blending Scandinavian and Japanese Influences in Montreal

Spacious living room with tall wooden ceiling, custom bookshelf, piano, and modern art.

Atelier Chardonnat reimagines historical elegance with Mid-Century Residence Ave Duchastel in Montreal, Canada. Designed in 2023, this house merges Mid-Century, Scandinavian, and Japanese design elements. The result is a serene retreat connected to Mount Royal’s natural beauty. Key features include seamless architectural interventions, a Zen garden, and a strong indoor-outdoor relationship through materials like IPE wood and slate roofing.

Seattle Scandinavian: Modern Scandinavian House in Seattle

FeaturedContemporary two-story home with mixed-material facade and warm lighting.

Unveiling the Seattle Scandinavian: a private house masterfully designed by First Lamp Architects in 2020, located in Seattle, WA, United States. This unique residence marries the elegance of Scandinavian design with the distinct character of its Seattle neighborhood, reflecting the homeowners’ vision through key elements like a captivating screen wall and a contemporary fireplace.

AR09: A Modern Moscow Apartment by Kodd Bureau

Modern dining and living room with wood furniture and neutral tones.

Dive into the heart of Moscow with the AR09 apartment by Kodd Bureau, a modern Scandinavian-designed home that masterfully blends minimalism with functional living. Located on the vibrant Arbat Street, this space is a testament to innovative design, transforming historical architecture into a contemporary haven.

Discover how natural light and wooden textures create a warm, inviting atmosphere, making every corner of this apartment a harmonious blend of past and present.