Vacation Home at the Schlei: Scandinavian Cottage Charm

Situated along Germany’s only fjord, the Vacation Home at the Schlei seamlessly blends Scandinavian charm with the surrounding natural landscape. Designed by the renowned firm Gärtner Büro und Wohnen in 2023, this cozy cottage in Kappeln features generous window walls that offer breathtaking views of the Schlei estuary.

The interior showcases a harmonious balance of natural materials, creating a serene and inviting retreat from everyday life.

A modern, A-frame house with large windows, a glass entryway, and a surrounding garden.
A cozy and rustic living space with wooden walls, a slate fireplace, and modern furniture.
Modern, wooden cabin interior with sleek dining table, minimalist lighting, and nature views.
Spacious open-plan kitchen and dining area with wooden interior and large windows.
Wooden interior with panoramic lakeside view, simple furniture and natural light.
Cozy wooden cabin interior with large windows, chaise lounges, and modern lighting.
Rustic wooden interior with loft, stairs, and modern furniture details.
Cozy wooden bedroom with minimalist design, large window overlooking scenic view.
Relaxing lakefront deck with two woven chaise lounges and a tranquil water view.

About Vacation Home at the Schlei

Located along the shores of Germany’s only true fjord, the Vacation Home at the Schlei offers a serene retreat from the everyday. Designed by the renowned firm Gärtner Büro und Wohnen, this striking cottage blends Scandinavian-inspired style with a deep connection to the surrounding natural landscape.

Embracing the Great Outdoors

Stepping outside, one is immediately captivated by the breathtaking views of the Schlei Fjord. Sweeping windows and ample outdoor seating on the wooden deck invite residents to soak in the tranquil waterfront vistas and lush, verdant surroundings. A sailboat gently glides across the still waters, adding to the serene ambiance.

Rustic Elegance within

Stepping inside, the home’s interior exudes a warm, Scandinavian aesthetic. The expansive great room features a striking fireplace and generous seating areas, creating an inviting space for relaxation and entertaining. Natural wood paneling and exposed beams throughout the home lend a refined, yet cozy atmosphere.

Culinary Masterpiece

The kitchen is a true highlight, boasting sleek black cabinetry and integrated appliances that blend seamlessly into the warm, wooden backdrop. A large, communal dining table anchors the space, encouraging shared meals and conversation against the backdrop of the picturesque landscape visible through the expansive windows.

Serene Retreats

Upstairs, the bedrooms offer a tranquil respite, with plush, patterned bedding and ample natural light streaming in through the oversized windows. The spa-like bathroom features a freestanding tub, taking full advantage of the stunning views and creating a truly indulgent experience.

A Harmonious Blend

Throughout the Vacation Home at the Schlei, the design seamlessly integrates the surrounding natural beauty, creating a harmonious retreat that allows residents to truly unwind and immerse themselves in the serene splendor of the Schlei Fjord. This exceptional vacation home offers the perfect escape for those seeking a rejuvenating and visually captivating getaway.

Photography by Silke Zander
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- by Matt Watts