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Chestnut Hill House: Dramatic Renovation Transforms Dated Home

FeaturedA modern home with expansive windows, a pool, and lush greenery surrounding it.

This stunning Newton, MA home underwent a remarkable transformation at the hands of Walker Architects, resulting in a modern masterpiece that seamlessly blends functionality and style. The Chestnut Hill House, originally a dated and incongruous property, was thoughtfully renovated to create a spacious living room, playroom, home office, and guest quarters, all connected by a dramatic open staircase.

The crowning jewel of the project is the new high-performance kitchen, which opens up to a stunning 14-foot tall modern sunroom, establishing a harmonious connection with the beautifully landscaped backyard.

Mountain Forest: Blending Nature and Minimalist Design in Taiwan

Minimalist living room with a large TV, wooden media console, and sleek audio system.

Designed by 1001 Giving Living in 2024, the Mountain Forest house in New Taipei, Taiwan showcases a harmonious blend of modern architecture and natural elements. Featuring extensive spatial expansion, solid lines, and a seamless integration of interior and exterior, this residential project exemplifies the designer’s expertise in creating functional yet visually captivating living spaces.

Maison Victoria: Reviving a 1911 Montreal Brick House

Modern kitchen with sleek white cabinets, black island, and wood bar stools. Minimalist lighting fixtures.

This stunning house in Montreal, Canada, designed by the talented team at Le Borgne Rizk Architecture, is a remarkable example of harmonizing old and new. Built in 1911, the beautiful red brick property with its delicate wood cornice had been trapped in the 80s, until the young family who purchased it sought to reconcile the interior and exterior. The resulting transformation opened up the ground floor, creating a seamless dialogue between the kitchen and dining room.

House No. 11 – Santa Isabel: Camarim’s Architectural Gem in Lisbon

Spacious open-plan dining area with tall windows, natural light, and minimalist decor.

Camarim, the renowned Portuguese architectural firm, has transformed a historic building in Lisbon into a captivating residential masterpiece. House No. 11 – Santa Isabel, designed in 2021, seamlessly blends the building’s early 20th-century charm with a contemporary, bespoke design. Situated between an industrial school and a cemetery, this house has a unique and captivating setting that the architects have expertly navigated, creating a harmonious living space that celebrates its surrounding context.

Busch Place: Seamless Pasadena Remodel Honors Killingsworth

Cozy modern living room with stone fireplace, plush seating, and expansive windows.

Ritual House, a leading architecture and interior design firm, has recently completed the stunning remodel of the private Busch Place residence in Pasadena, California, United States. This project involved seamlessly integrating a disjointed ’90s addition into the original design vision of renowned architect Edward Killingsworth. The result is a harmonious blend of contemporary and mid-century modern elements, creating a truly remarkable private house that showcases the exceptional design skills of Ritual House.

Lake Ouimet Residence: Reviving a 1960s Canadian Home

Striking modern glass and wood cabin nestled in lush forest, with sleek architectural design.

The stunning Lake Ouimet Residence in Mont-Tremblant, Canada, designed by the talented Dupont Blouin in 2019, is a captivating example of architectural brilliance. Originally constructed in 1960, this house has been expertly reimagined to create a warm, inviting space for a multi-generational family to gather. The open-concept kitchen, with its sleek black granite countertops and expansive views of the lake, is the heart of this remarkable home, seamlessly blending the indoors and outdoors for a truly remarkable living experience.

Patricia Residence: Bright & Spacious Expansion

Spacious open-concept interior with exposed wooden beams, modular shelving, and minimalist decor.

The Patricia Residence in Greenfield Park, Longueuil, Canada, is a stunning renovation and expansion project designed by the talented team at Dupont Blouin. This 2021 house renovation seamlessly integrates a 3-level extension, creating simple, luminous, and timeless living spaces. The design focuses on enhancing the kitchen, the heart of the home, with a bright and spacious layout that encourages the client’s passion for cooking. Upstairs, the multifunctional living room offers a versatile space for office, yoga, and relaxation, showcasing the architects’ attention to the homeowner’s needs.