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Vacation Home at the Schlei: Scandinavian Cottage Charm

Spacious open-plan kitchen and dining area with wooden interior and large windows.

Situated along Germany’s only fjord, the Vacation Home at the Schlei seamlessly blends Scandinavian charm with the surrounding natural landscape. Designed by the renowned firm Gärtner Büro und Wohnen in 2023, this cozy cottage in Kappeln features generous window walls that offer breathtaking views of the Schlei estuary.

The interior showcases a harmonious balance of natural materials, creating a serene and inviting retreat from everyday life.

Villa Schlachtensee: Modernizing a 1890s Berlin Mansion

Bright, minimalist dining room with wooden table, shelves, and a view of the outdoors.

The Villa Schlachtensee, designed by Cama in Berlin, Germany, is a stunning example of modern renovation and remodeling. This 1890 suburban villa has been extensively transformed, blending the charm of its original architecture with a light-filled, contemporary design.

The dilapidated addition was replaced with a modern extension, housing a spacious eat-in kitchen and a master bedroom above. The entire home has been modernized, with the floor plans partially reconfigured and the old roof truss replaced, ensuring quality living space throughout, including in the attic.

New Building Sofie Haug Children’s Day-Care: Tübingen’s Enchanting Nursery Oasis

Sleek, dark wooden exterior with striking geometric patterns and large windows against green landscape.

Designed by Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner, the Sofie Haug Children’s Day-Care Centre in Tübingen, Germany, is a contemporary architectural marvel that seamlessly blends with its enchanting woodland surroundings. This two-storey hybrid-timber nursery, built in 2022, features a striking façade of charred spruce and bright, glazed teal spruce, creating an alluring mystic effect that captivates both children and visitors alike.

KAN36: Contemporary Berlin Apartment by Sunostudio

A cozy and well-designed living room with modern furniture, artwork, and natural lighting.

KAN36, a stunning apartment designed by Sunostudio in Berlin, Germany, showcases the epitome of modern, minimalist living. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 2024 masterpiece blends clean lines, natural materials, and exceptional functionality, creating a serene and sophisticated living experience. Exploring the intersection of architecture and interior design, this project exemplifies the brand’s commitment to innovative and thoughtful design solutions.

Feuer & Flamme: Jena’s Unique Hotel Conversion with Cooking Workshops

Cozy living room with stone fireplace, leather sofas, patterned rug, and hanging lamps.

Tucked in the charming village of Kunitz, just 5 km from the vibrant city of Jena, Germany, stands the captivating project known as Feuer & Flamme. Designed by the talented duo of Adlich & Fliedner in 2024, this former fire station has been transformed into a remarkable hotel, blending the building’s rich history with contemporary design.

Featuring striking architectural elements, including two bonneted roofs and expansive windows, the property seamlessly integrates the existing quarry stone walls, creating a harmonious balance between old and new.

Clusterwohnen Wabenhaus: A Revolutionary Approach to Apartment Design

Striking attic space with angled windows, plush seating, and minimalist furnishings.

Discover Clusterwohnen Wabenhaus in Munich, Germany, a masterpiece by Peter Haimerl Architektur. This apartment building, designed in 2023, challenges traditional living concepts with its honeycomb structure, optimizing space and light in innovative ways. It offers a unique lifestyle with communal and private spaces, seamlessly blended to elevate urban living.

House LW27: Munich’s Latest Architectural Masterpiece by Stephan Lang

A modern, multi-level home with a sleek exterior, lush landscaping, and a tranquil pool.

Unveiling House LW27, Stephan Maria Lang‘s 2023 marvel in Munich, Germany, this residence redefines luxury house living. Embracing zero-seal architecture, it features an innovative rooftop garden and seamless indoor/outdoor transitions. Boasting an open floor plan and a unique light feature by Bartenbach Light, House LW27 exhibits a minimalistic yet sensual atmosphere, setting a new standard in high-class residential design.

House L011: Crafting Light, Space, and Family Harmony in Munich

FeaturedContemporary house with wooden slats, glass facade, and green lawn.

Discover House L011 by Stephan Maria Lang, a 2019 architectural jewel located in Munich, Germany. This innovative house perfectly marries the raw beauty of nature with the needs of a modern patchwork family. With an emphasis on natural light and raw materials, the design exhibits a seamless flow between the interior and the verdant surroundings, creating a unique living experience that’s both elegant and intimately connected with nature.