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Vacation Home at the Schlei: Scandinavian Cottage Charm

Spacious open-plan kitchen and dining area with wooden interior and large windows.

Situated along Germany’s only fjord, the Vacation Home at the Schlei seamlessly blends Scandinavian charm with the surrounding natural landscape. Designed by the renowned firm Gärtner Büro und Wohnen in 2023, this cozy cottage in Kappeln features generous window walls that offer breathtaking views of the Schlei estuary.

The interior showcases a harmonious balance of natural materials, creating a serene and inviting retreat from everyday life.

Energy Efficient Home Renovation: Sustainable Design in RI

A modern bedroom with a patterned blue feature wall, wooden beams, and large windows.

A4 Architecture + Planning‘s energy-efficient home renovation in Providence, RI, United States, exemplifies the future of sustainable living. Designed in 2020, this residential project showcases innovative design strategies that seamlessly blend energy efficiency, modern aesthetics, and functional living spaces.

With a focus on reducing the carbon footprint and enhancing occupant comfort, this renovation sets a new standard for eco-conscious home design in the region.

Water’s Edge: Captivating Coastal Residence by SAOTA

FeaturedModern, multi-level beachside residence with lush tropical landscaping and glass facade.

Designed by renowned architecture firm SAOTA, the Water’s Edge house in Sydney, Australia, is a stunning example of modern design that seamlessly integrates with its picturesque harbour setting.

This multilevel family home, completed in 2023, showcases a sensitive approach that minimizes its profile to preserve the neighborhood’s character while offering unparalleled views and a continuous connection to the water. The use of natural materials, including Lava stone and honed Mount White Sandstone, allows the residence to blend effortlessly with the surrounding landscape, while the carefully curated landscaping echoes the boldness of the architecture.

Ski Ranch: Exploring the Bauhaus-Inspired Lake House

FeaturedA modern desert house with a pool, surrounded by mountains and a palm tree.

The Ski Ranch, a desert-adapted, off-the-grid capable modern lake house designed by The Ranch Mine architecture firm, offers a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience in Buckeye, Arizona. This Bauhaus-inspired home, built in 2022, features a walkway that draws residents and guests directly from the street to the boat house, emphasizing the owners’ passions for water sports and outdoor adventures.

Shor House: A Waterfront Wonder with Centuries-Old Timber on Mayne Island

FeaturedShor House: A Waterfront Wonder with Centuries-Old Timber on Mayne Island

Nestled along the serene waterfront of Mayne Island, Canada, stands the Shor House – a masterpiece by Measured Architecture that marries the beauty of repurposed wood with modern design.

This Canadian dwelling showcases the extraordinary transformation of reclaimed lumber, resonating with the philosophy of extending the life-cycle of materials destined for disposal. More than just a building, it encapsulates the spirit of conservation, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese architecture and the ethos of renowned artists, all while preserving the rich history of the materials within its walls.

H-House: A Waterfront Retreat by Klochenko Architects in Ukraine

H-House: A Waterfront Retreat by Klochenko Architects in Ukraine

Dive into the tranquil allure of H-House, a waterfront retreat designed by Klochenko Architects.

Situated on the banks of the Dnipro river in Ukraine, this haven is a harmonious blend of privacy and communal spaces. Its minimalist design, accented by warm clay stucco and panoramic river views, fosters a serene connection to the landscape. Constructed to indulge in the company of loved ones or enjoy solitude, it embodies the beauty of architectural art and nature in perfect symphony.

Villa on the Water: A Luxurious Waterfront House in Sanremo

Villa on the Water: A Luxurious Waterfront House in Sanremo

Immerse yourself in the astonishing beauty of the “Villa on the Water,” a luxurious waterfront house nestled in the heart of Sanremo, Italy. Redesigned in 2023 by the world-class designers at Calvi Ceschia Vigano Architetti Associati, this villa offers a one-of-a-kind living experience.

The design is incredibly harmonious, balancing the visual impact of the surrounding residential volumes with the elegance of a garden and swimming pool. The villa, with its extensive use of green spaces, is more than just a dwelling; it’s a conservatory that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

The Boat House: Maguire + Devine’s Tasmanian Masterpiece

FeaturedThe Boat House: Maguire + Devine’s Tasmanian Masterpiece

The Boat House is a stunning waterfront dwelling designed by Maguire + Devine Architects, nestled along the banks of the picturesque River Derwent in Lindisfarne, Australia.

This cozy haven celebrates the experience of living on the water’s edge, offering sanctuary and protection from the wild weather that blows in from the sea. Combining elements of modern design with traditional charm, this breathtaking property is a true testament to architectural ingenuity and the beauty of nature.