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House 022: A Connect Homes Modern Residence in Los Angeles

A modern, dark-colored two-story home with large windows, a well-landscaped yard, and a minimalist design.

Connect HomesHouse 022, a stunning example of modern architectural design, is nestled in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, United States. This 2018 residential project, a Connect 6T model, showcases the brand’s commitment to sustainable and innovative home design. Crafted with a keen eye for detail and a focus on functional elegance, House 022 seamlessly blends its contemporary aesthetic with the surrounding West Los Angeles landscape, creating a harmonious living experience for its residents.

Holiday Inns Samui Lobby: Embracing Coconut Shell Inspiration

Warm-toned arched ceiling with a central fan, white furniture, and tree in the background.

The Holiday Inns Samui Lobby, designed by renowned architect Onion, showcases a captivating blend of tropical Thai aesthetics and modern design. Located in the idyllic island of Ko Samui, Thailand, this hotel lobby features a unique interpretation of the coconut shell, with wooden shingles and gypsum board enclosures forming a three-dimensional, step-like interior. The design seamlessly integrates an existing Java Plum tree, creating a serene oasis within the lobby.

Himawari Nursery School: Creating a Warm, Child-Friendly Atmosphere

A modern outdoor play area with wooden structures, greenery, and a tent for children.

Akaike Tohyama ArchitectsHimawari Nursery School in Tokyo, Japan, is a captivating new addition to the city’s architectural landscape. Designed in 2022, this one-story wooden structure was created to foster interaction and experiences among children of different ages. By strategically zoning the nursery rooms, hall, and staff areas, the design promotes a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, transforming the entire site into a vibrant “playground” for the young students.

Rankoshi Observation House: Embracing Hokkaido’s Winter Wonderland

A modern, glass-walled house nestled in a forested landscape, with warm interior lighting.

Designed by the acclaimed Daida Design Studio, the Rankoshi Observation House in Hokkaido, Japan, is a captivating residential project that seamlessly integrates with its stunning natural surroundings. This 2022 house, built for a client who loves winter sports and plants, features a thoughtful layout that includes a garage, ski room, guest quarters, and a cozy main living space.

With extended eaves and decks, a central solarium, and a focus on natural materials, the Rankoshi Observation House creates a harmonious balance between the indoors and the breathtaking vistas of Mount Yotei, Mount Shiribetsu, and the Annupuri range.

House with an Eye: Sustainable and Efficient Zurich Expansion

Cozy home library with circular window, wooden shelves, and vibrant red chair.

Studio Anna Jach‘s House with an Eye in Zurich is an exceptional renovation project that blends sustainable construction, energy-efficient solutions, and innovative design.

Commissioned by a small family, this Swiss architectural marvel features an interactive pine wood facade with dynamic shutters that control natural light. The rear facade further captivates with a programmed 3D shadow relief, creating a mesmerizing interplay between the building and its surroundings.

Inside Loma Sagrada: Nosara’s Sustainable Wooden Haven

Modern house nestled among tropical trees with a green roof.

Loma Sagrada House, crafted by Salagnac Arquitectos in Nosara, Costa Rica, seamlessly blends eco-friendly design with the natural landscape. Utilizing wood, the house not only minimizes environmental impact but also enhances the area’s beauty. Moreover, set on a gentle 35-degree slope, it features natural ventilation and solar energy, making it a prime example of sustainable architecture.

Occidental Residence: A Californian Redwood Retreat

FeaturedModern wooden house with angular design amidst forest setting.

Discover the transformation of the Occidental Residence, a family home in Sonoma County, California, revamped by Justin Pauly Architects. Originally hindered by rigid geometries leading to cramped spaces, this remodel encompasses an art studio, master bathroom, and dining room, seamlessly blending with the breathtaking redwood and oak-draped hills.

Embracing country interior design, this wooden house project, completed in 2017, showcases how innovative architecture can harmonize with nature, creating spaces that are both functional and visually captivating.