Holiday Inns Samui Lobby: Embracing Coconut Shell Inspiration

The Holiday Inns Samui Lobby, designed by renowned architect Onion, showcases a captivating blend of tropical Thai aesthetics and modern design. Located in the idyllic island of Ko Samui, Thailand, this hotel lobby features a unique interpretation of the coconut shell, with wooden shingles and gypsum board enclosures forming a three-dimensional, step-like interior. The design seamlessly integrates an existing Java Plum tree, creating a serene oasis within the lobby.

A stunning, modern lobby with curved wooden structures, palm trees, and a night sky backdrop.
Domed, thatched-roof structures amid lush landscaping, showcasing tropical architectural style.
Domed, shingle-covered structure with arched entryway leading to an interior courtyard.
Warm-toned arched ceiling with a central fan, white furniture, and tree in the background.
A modern, arched wooden ceiling with curved wooden beams and a sleek, minimalist interior design.
Elegant arched wooden ceiling, cozy lounge with curved seating, and minimalist decor.
A modern, arched architectural space with curved walls, greenery, and minimalist furnishings.
An expansive, arched indoor space with lush greenery, wooden accents, and modern furnishings.
Curved arched entryway with lush indoor greenery and sculptural decor elements.
Curved archway with wood trim leads to an open, bright interior space with glass walls.

About Holiday Inns Samui Lobby

Nestled on the idyllic shores of Ko Samui, Thailand, the Holiday Inns Samui hotel boasts a captivating lobby design that seamlessly blends modern luxury with the island’s natural charm. Crafted by the visionary architects at Onion, this 2020 masterpiece invites guests to experience a harmonious fusion of indoor and outdoor elements, creating a welcoming ambiance that sets the tone for an unforgettable stay.

Arrival and Circulation

As guests arrive at the hotel, they are greeted by a striking pick-up and drop-off area, its curved, wooden-shingle facade artfully framing the entrance. The main axis of the lobby aligns with the breathtaking northeast sea view, drawing the eye towards the horizon and setting the stage for the journey ahead.

Embracing Nature’s Embrace

At the heart of the lobby, a majestic Java Plum tree stands proudly, its lush foliage encapsulated by a series of spherical geometries. This captivating design element not only celebrates the site’s natural beauty but also creates a serene and inviting space for guests to pause and take in their surroundings.

Lobby Grandeur

Stepping into the hotel’s main lobby, visitors are welcomed by a stunning architectural masterpiece. Gypsum board formations, arranged in three-dimensional steps, line the walls, creating a warm and textured ambiance. The highlight of this space, however, is the dramatic transition to the hanging planes of bamboo, which infuse the area with a natural elegance and a calming, meditative quality.

Versatile Functionality

The thoughtfully designed layout of the Holiday Inns Samui lobby offers guests a seamless experience. Adjacent to the main lobby, a dedicated conference room space caters to the needs of business travelers, while the linear organization of the various zones ensures a smooth flow of movement and a clear wayfinding experience for all guests.

Harmonious Synthesis

Throughout the Holiday Inns Samui lobby, the design team at Onion has masterfully blended local materials, such as wooden shingles and bamboo, with modern architectural elements. This synergistic approach not only celebrates the island’s rich cultural heritage but also elevates the overall guest experience, creating a truly mesmerizing and memorable environment.

As guests immerse themselves in the captivating spaces of the Holiday Inns Samui lobby, they are transported to a realm where tropical elegance and contemporary design converge, offering a unique and unforgettable haven in the heart of Ko Samui.

Photography courtesy of Onion
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- by Matt Watts