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Arayaasanee House: A Family Home That Embraces River Views in Amphawa

Modern two-story building with large windows and wooden slats façade.

Explore Arayaasanee House, designed by dminusplusb and situated in Amphawa, Thailand. This private residence, completed in 2019, perfectly exemplifies modern tropical style. Spanning 1,500 square meters, its design harmoniously blends with the surrounding river and canal, offering stunning views and innovative architectural solutions that respect both privacy and the natural beauty of Amphawa.

White House: A Sleek Bangkok Retreat

Modern white house with large windows and a swimming pool.

Explore White House, a modern gem in Bangkok, designed by ACA Architects in 2022. This home, whimsically named by a child, features a timeless, style-agnostic design. Its sleek concrete structure, complemented by large, north-facing glass doors, merges indoor comfort with outdoor serenity. The house, encircled by lush greenery, boasts a shaded terrace and pool as its centerpiece.

The White House stands as a tranquil canvas for family life and joyful gatherings.

Bitter Kiss Cafe: Industrial Elegance Redefined

FeaturedBitter Kiss Cafe: Industrial Elegance Redefined

Discover Bangkok’s latest design marvel, the Bitter Kiss Cafe. Renowned designer Phuttipan Aswakool has ingeniously revamped a loft-style rental building into a chic café hub. Amidst the eastern suburbs near an iconic zoo, this café invites patrons into an enchanting space featuring 70 seats set against red brick, black hues, and intricate steel details.

Step inside to witness how artful arches craft a play of light and shadow, creating intimate nooks within its expansive 300 square meters (3,229 square feet). Bitter Kiss Cafe isn’t merely a dining spot; it’s a transformative encounter with contemporary architecture.

Canvas House: Urban Luxury Meets Functional Design

Canvas House: Urban Luxury Meets Functional Design

In the bustling heart of Bangkok, Canvas House emerges as a testament to modern design by Unknown Surface Studio. Nestled amid high-rises, this three-story residence blends a dance studio, filming area, and a private living space, all wrapped in a sleek, contemporary design. Combining form and function, the house reflects the vibrant energy of Bangkok while providing a serene escape within its walls.

Sift House: Blending Style & Function in Urban Bangkok

Sift House: Blending Style & Function in Urban Bangkok

In the heart of Bangkok, amidst its vibrant tourist hubs and eateries, the Sift House stands out. Designed in 2022 by JI+TA Architect, this contemporary three-story house elegantly balances spacious interiors with its 240 square meter (2,583 square feet) footprint.

Prioritizing privacy, the design uniquely positions rooms to shield from street noise while maximizing comfort, ventilation, and style.

CPK75 House: A Masterclass in Modern Japanese Architecture

CPK75 House: A Masterclass in Modern Japanese Architecture

Welcome to the CPK75 House, a stunning two-story residence designed by AOMO (Architecture Of My Own) in 2021, located in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand.

This five-bedroom modern Japanese-style home embraces a unique design approach that incorporates a calming stone courtyard, creating a serene oasis amidst the bustling city. Discover how AOMO cleverly addressed site challenges and optimized natural light and ventilation to create a truly exceptional living space.