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Subbota Apartment: Minimalist and Multifunctional Design in Moscow

Minimalist, open-concept kitchen with sleek white countertop and wood accents.

Designed by Project905 for a family of four in Moscow, Russia, the Subbota Apartment showcases how smart interior design can transform a compact 52 square meter space into a comfortable and functional home.

This minimalist apartment features a versatile open-plan layout, hidden storage solutions, and multifunctional furniture pieces, creating a harmonious living environment for the temporary residents. The project’s focus on maximizing the small footprint while maintaining aesthetic appeal demonstrates the designer’s ability to deliver practical yet visually pleasing solutions for urban dwellers.

Art Studio MALEVA: A Creative Oasis in Moscow’s Leisure Centre

Minimalist workspace with open shelves, wooden table, and blue accent stools.

The Art Studio MALEVA in Moscow, Russia, designed by the talented team at Blockstudio, is a shining example of functional and uncluttered creativity. Commissioned as a leisure centre for artistic pursuits, this 2023 project boasts well-defined high ceilings, French windows, and a myriad of thoughtful design choices that maximize usability and efficiency. From ample workspace and a small kiln to a cozy coffee station and a curated library, this studio has become a vibrant hub for the local creative community.

Monarch: Tactile Elegance in a Modern Russian Apartment

Modern living room with large marble TV wall, minimalist furniture, and natural textures.

Babayants Architects, a renowned Moscow-based design firm, has recently unveiled their latest creation, the stunning Monarch apartment project. Completed in 2023, this minimalist masterpiece showcases the firm’s expertise in crafting elegant living spaces that seamlessly blend architecture and interior design.

Featuring a delicate honey color palette and an abundance of custom-made wooden elements, the Monarch apartment exudes a warm and inviting ambiance, complemented by its soft, feminine lines and meticulously considered proportions.