Khamovniki 12: Moscow’s Premier Sales Office by KNKO Pro

Step into the luxury sales office of Khamovniki 12, a masterpiece by KNKO Pro in Moscow, Russia. Located in a historic 1917 building, this office blends neoclassicism with Art Deco to create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

Luxurious living room with ornate ceiling, chandelier, and plush furnishings.
Elegant living room with abstract painting, plush furniture, and lush greenery.
Luxurious dining room with a sleek, circular chandelier, dark curtains, and sophisticated furnishings.
Elegant dining room with circular chandelier, plush chairs, and wooden credenza.
Elegant dining room with ornate molding, luxurious marble table, and plush leather chairs.
Opulent living room with ornate architectural details, marble table, and modern furniture.
Ornate gold framing, plush blue sofa, and potted plant accent a cozy living space.
Ornate molding, herringbone floors, and a grand mirror frame the entryway.
Elegant home office with ornate ceiling, patterned curtains, and modern furniture.
Marble-clad wall with ornate molding, dark wood desk, and plush orange chair in modern office.
Luxurious modern interior with ornate ceiling, marble walls, and recessed lighting.

About Khamovniki 12

Khamovniki 12, a luxurious sales office in Moscow, Russia, designed by KNKO Pro, beautifully merges neoclassicism with Art Deco. The office is located in a historic 1917 building, adding a rich historical context to its modern elegance. This space currently serves as the headquarters for COLDY, the project’s developer.

Sophisticated Reception Area

The reception area welcomes you with a grand marble backdrop featuring the Khamovniki 12 emblem. The design combines sleek modern furniture with classic architectural details, creating a seamless blend of old and new. Soft lighting and plush seating provide a comfortable and inviting space for visitors.

Elegant Meeting Room

The meeting room is a statement of luxury. A large round table with gold-accented chairs sits under a stunning circular chandelier. Dark curtains and wooden floors enhance the room’s sophisticated ambiance, making it perfect for high-profile meetings and discussions.

Cozy Lounge Area

The lounge area features deep blue armchairs and a modern fireplace, set against beautifully detailed walls. Warm lighting and comfortable seating invite relaxation, while maintaining a stylish and professional atmosphere.

Every corner of Khamovniki 12 reflects KNKO Pro’s attention to detail and commitment to luxury. From the intricate ceiling moldings to the carefully selected furniture, each element is designed to impress and inspire. This sales office not only serves its functional purpose but also stands as a testament to exquisite design and architectural mastery.

Photography courtesy of KNKO Pro

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- by Matt Watts