Villafranca House: Seamless Blend of Indoor-Outdoor Living

Located in the quiet residential area of Villanueva de la Cañada, Spain, the stunning Villafranca House is a masterpiece of domestic architecture designed by the acclaimed OOIIO Architecture firm in 2024. This custom-built family home seamlessly blends urban sophistication with a harmonious connection to its natural surroundings, crafting a truly remarkable living experience.

A modern, minimalist single-story home with a pool, large windows, and a flat roof.
Modern, rectangular building with uniform facade and glass panels, surrounded by landscaping.
Modern, open-concept living space with sleek furniture, natural lighting, and marble accents.
Modern living room with minimalist furniture, sleek TV console, and potted plants.
A modern, open-concept kitchen and dining area with sleek cabinets, natural wood, and expansive windows.
Modern kitchen with sleek gray cabinetry, wood accents, and large windows overlooking a garden.
A modern and minimalist bedroom design featuring a wooden accent wall and pendant lighting.
Minimalist bedroom design with geometric wall paneling and built-in desk nook.
Minimalist bathroom with neutral palette, circular mirrors, and freestanding tub.
A modern, minimalist building with clean lines, glass walls, and a sleek pool.
Striking modern architecture with clean lines, contrasting materials, and sculptural elements.
A modern two-story building with sleek angular design, surrounded by a pool and outdoor seating.

About Villafranca House

Nestled in the tranquil residential enclave of Villanueva de la Cañada, Spain, the Villafranca House is a stunning architectural creation by the renowned OOIIO Architecture firm. Completed in 2024, this custom-designed home boasts a captivating urban character that seamlessly integrates with its peaceful surroundings.

Embracing the Landscape

Situated on a large, flat rectangular plot, the Villafranca House is designed to engage with its natural environment. Overlooking a picturesque boulevard adorned with stately poplars, oaks, and conifers, the home’s strategic layout ensures that the residents can fully immerse themselves in the verdant landscape from the comfort of their own living spaces.

Blending Indoors and Outdoors

The architects have meticulously crafted the home’s section to create a seamless connection between the interior and the exterior. By elevating the ground floor above the street level, the designers have successfully integrated the rear garden with the daily family life, while also extending the home’s visual reach to the surrounding trees, fostering a profound sense of spaciousness and connection with nature.

Architectural Elegance and Passive Design

The striking, rounded stone “C” that adorns the Villafranca House not only lends it a distinctive urban character but also serves as an architectural strategy to maximize the geometric expressiveness of the ground and first-floor slabs. These intermediate spaces, functioning as transit zones between the interior and exterior, not only provide protection from the strong Madrid sun through passive design methods but also help to save energy by facilitating the family’s enjoyment of the outdoor spaces.

Interior Design: Continuity and Craftsmanship

Continuing the sculptural and monumental aesthetic of the home’s architecture, the interior design showcases a carefully curated selection of furnishings and materials. Featuring clean, geometric forms and a palette of cream, gray, wood, blue, and green tones, the interior spaces exude a sense of total comfort and delight, where the pleasure of design is celebrated in every detail, from the dining table to the fireplace and the bathrooms.

A Holistic Architectural Vision

The Villafranca House is a true masterpiece of domestic architecture, where the architects have meticulously attended to every aspect, both inside and out. This home’s urban vocation, with its powerful, elegant forms and seamless integration with the surrounding landscape, sets it apart as a remarkable design object that dominates its tranquil residential environment.

Photography by Javier de Paz
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- by Matt Watts