A Modern Villa for a Family with 6 Children: Intimate Courtyards and Airy Spaces

A modern villa in the heart of Israel’s vibrant central city, designed by acclaimed architects Dan and Hila Israelevitz, offers a striking balance of open spaces and private sanctuary for a family of eight.

This house, featuring a floating villa-like structure and seamless indoor-outdoor integration, showcases the architects’ mastery of poetic, ultra-modern, and unconventional design. With its meticulous attention to the residents’ lifestyle and an interplay of solid and airy elements, this project sets a new standard for family living in the region.

Dramatic metal lattice facade, minimalist interior with pool, sleek furniture design.
Modern outdoor terrace with comfortable lounge seating, glass walls, and lush greenery.
Spacious modern living room with glass walls, concrete ceiling, and plush seating.
Sleek, modern interior with a spiral staircase, plush seating, and expansive glass walls.
Modern living room with concrete ceiling, brick wall, and sleek, minimalist furniture.
A modern, open-concept dining area with a large wooden table, sleek black chairs, and pendant lighting.
Sleek modern interior with striking spiral staircase, large glass windows, and sculptural pendant lights.
Modern kitchen with sleek black cabinets, large dining table, and pendant lighting fixtures.
Elegant outdoor dining area with glass walls, wooden table, and plush seating surrounded by greenery.
A cozy bedroom featuring an earthy palette, with wooden accents and modern furnishings.
Luxurious home theater with sleek black walls, plush seating, and dramatic lighting design.
Sleek, modern architecture with lush tropical plants and a tranquil reflecting pool.

About A Modern Villa for a Family with 6 Children

Nestled in a tranquil, picturesque neighborhood, this stunning modern villa in Israel was designed to captivate. Commissioned by a family with six children, the project reflects the owners’ impeccable taste and the architects’ unwavering vision.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Integration

Blending seamlessly with its lush surroundings, the villa features a clever interplay of solid and open spaces. Strategically placed lattices and floor-to-ceiling windows create a sense of airiness, while providing the residents with ample privacy. The outdoor entertainment areas, complete with a swimming pool and reflecting pool, form a direct extension of the living spaces, fostering a harmonious connection between the indoor and outdoor realms.

Architectural Artistry and Functionality

The architects’ attention to detail is evident throughout the design. The striking wooden cladding and iron lattice create a captivating contrast against the gray concrete structure, infusing the villa with warmth and character. The carefully orchestrated rhythm of slender steel columns and the sculptural spiral staircase at the heart of the public space lend a sense of flow and dynamism to the overall composition.

Tailored for Family Living

Designed to cater to the needs of a large family, the villa features a thoughtful layout that prioritizes functionality and comfort. The entrance level showcases an open-plan design, with the kitchen, living, and dining areas seamlessly connected. The residential floor, on the other hand, offers privacy, housing the master bedroom, children’s suites, and a home theater in the basement.

Luxurious Materials and Finishes

The villa’s interiors are a testament to the architects’ impeccable taste and attention to detail. The entrance level features a seamless, resin-finished floor, creating a continuous and unbroken surface. The kitchen, designed by the renowned Italian brand DADA, blends seamlessly with the monochromatic palette, while the walnut wood elements add a touch of warmth. The living room, with its deep, indulgent sofas and sculptural armchairs, exudes an air of timeless sophistication.

A Floating Oasis in the Sky

Ultimately, this modern villa in Israel stands as a triumph of architectural design. By carefully balancing solid and open spaces, indoor and outdoor areas, and a harmonious blend of materials, the architects have created a stunning, floating oasis that perfectly suits the needs of a growing family. This project is a testament to the power of thoughtful, innovative design to transform a house into a true home.

Photography by Oded Smadar
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- by Matt Watts