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A Modern Villa for a Family with 6 Children: Intimate Courtyards and Airy Spaces

A modern, open-concept dining area with a large wooden table, sleek black chairs, and pendant lighting.

A modern villa in the heart of Israel’s vibrant central city, designed by acclaimed architects Dan and Hila Israelevitz, offers a striking balance of open spaces and private sanctuary for a family of eight.

This house, featuring a floating villa-like structure and seamless indoor-outdoor integration, showcases the architects’ mastery of poetic, ultra-modern, and unconventional design. With its meticulous attention to the residents’ lifestyle and an interplay of solid and airy elements, this project sets a new standard for family living in the region.

My Twin Brother’s House: Modern Design Meets Functionality

FeaturedMy Twin Brother’s House: Modern Design Meets Functionality

My Twin Brother’s House is a two-story residence located in Ramat HaSharon, Israel, designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects in 2022.

This impressive structure is characterized by a solid architectural concrete façade and contrasting materials on the other three sides. The dynamic shutter system allows the occupants to control the amount of sunlight and privacy, while the linear open-tread white iron staircase gives open views from the basement all the way up to the full height of the house. An open white iron room divider/shelving system further emphasizes the unique design of this property, making Ramat HaSharon (an affluent town in central Israel) even more attractive for homebuyers.

AK House by Pitsou Kedem Architects

FeaturedAK House by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Welcome to an exclusive look at AK House, a modern concrete masterpiece designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects in Israel.

This two-story house features a seamless and unified design, with striking wooden and glass elements that blend indoor and outdoor living. Enjoy a sense of openness throughout the home, as you take in the lush garden views and natural light streaming in from the sunken courtyard.