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Float House: Sergio Sampaio’s Modernist Design in Brazil

A modern, minimalist two-story house with large windows, a pool, and a lush green landscape.

Designed by acclaimed Brazilian architect Sergio Sampaio, the Float House in Tamboré, Brazil, is a stunning example of minimalist architecture that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. This contemporary house, conceived as the primary residence for a family within a condominium, offers a captivating panoramic view and a serene garden terrace that promotes a harmonious indoor-outdoor living experience.

A Modern Villa for a Family with 6 Children: Intimate Courtyards and Airy Spaces

A modern, open-concept dining area with a large wooden table, sleek black chairs, and pendant lighting.

A modern villa in the heart of Israel’s vibrant central city, designed by acclaimed architects Dan and Hila Israelevitz, offers a striking balance of open spaces and private sanctuary for a family of eight.

This house, featuring a floating villa-like structure and seamless indoor-outdoor integration, showcases the architects’ mastery of poetic, ultra-modern, and unconventional design. With its meticulous attention to the residents’ lifestyle and an interplay of solid and airy elements, this project sets a new standard for family living in the region.