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Wine Country Barn: A New Standard in Wine Country Living

Spacious outdoor patio with a modern wooden structure, featuring an open-air kitchen and dining area.

Discover the remarkable Wine Country Barn, a unique house situated in Healdsburg, United States, designed by Malcolm Davis Architecture in 2024. This project beautifully marries modern architectural techniques with traditional rustic elements, reflecting the distinctive wine country setting. Enjoy a glimpse into this serene retreat, where sustainable design principles and local materials ensure it complements its natural surroundings, offering an ideal weekend getaway rich in style and comfort.

Woodland House: A Modern Eco Home in Devon by AR Design Studio

Contemporary two-story house with angular black exterior and large windows overlooking green landscape.

Discover Woodland House, a bespoke contemporary house in Devon, England, designed by AR Design Studio in 2022. This real estate gem is a modern escape into the tranquility of rural life, blending energy efficiency with elegant design. Crafted to be both a cozy haven for two and a spacious holiday home for family, Woodland House exemplifies the perfect balance between modern living and natural beauty.

San Mateo Renovation: Blending History with Modern Design in Madrid

Modern dining room with yellow chairs, wooden ceiling beams, and indoor plants.

Discover the San Mateo Renovation, an architectural marvel nestled in Madrid, Spain. This 2022 project by Ábaton transforms a 1930s apartment into a modern haven. Across 140 square meters, it features high ceilings, open spaces, and a blend of historical elements with contemporary design. Witness an exquisite blend of architecture, interior design, and innovation in this Spanish gem.

Casa 3X3: Innovative Home Design in San Isidro

FeaturedModern two-story house with illuminated windows and a pool at dusk.

Casa 3X3, designed by IR Arquitectura in 2020, redefines living spaces in San Isidro, Argentina. This innovative house explores grid-based architecture to optimize sunlight, privacy, and flood protection. Its dual-level design separates social and intimate areas while integrating indoor and outdoor environments harmoniously. The blend of structural ingenuity and energy efficiency sets this home apart.

Transformation House ME: Blending History with Modern Living

Minimalist bedroom with exposed stone walls and concrete floor.

Unveiling Transformation House ME, a historic home in Brissago, Switzerland, reimagined by Wespi de Meuron Romeo in 2023. This architectural marvel combines the beauty of Lake Maggiore views with a vineyard setting. With a focus on enhancing the structure’s inherent qualities, the renovation introduces modern living spaces that harmonize with the natural stone surroundings, demonstrating a respectful blend of history and contemporary design.