Subbota Apartment: Minimalist and Multifunctional Design in Moscow

Designed by Project905 for a family of four in Moscow, Russia, the Subbota Apartment showcases how smart interior design can transform a compact 52 square meter space into a comfortable and functional home.

This minimalist apartment features a versatile open-plan layout, hidden storage solutions, and multifunctional furniture pieces, creating a harmonious living environment for the temporary residents. The project’s focus on maximizing the small footprint while maintaining aesthetic appeal demonstrates the designer’s ability to deliver practical yet visually pleasing solutions for urban dwellers.

Sleek, modern living room with minimalist furniture, wood paneling, and a large projection screen.
Minimalist living space with wooden accent wall, gray sofa, and simple furnishings.
Minimalist, open-concept kitchen with sleek white countertop and wood accents.
Minimalist interior design with sleek wood paneling, modern kitchen, and dining area.
Clean, minimalist apartment interior with wooden walls, modern furniture, and open kitchen.
Minimalist modern interior with wood paneling, white walls, and a large TV.
Sleek, minimalist home office with wooden cabinetry, shelves, and desk space.
A cozy loft bed with wooden shelves and drawers, complemented by a sleek wooden desk.
Cozy living room with built-in wooden cabinetry, minimalist gray sofa, and playful dog.
Minimalist bedroom with wooden headboard, neutral colors, and modern lighting fixtures.
Sleek, minimalist bedroom design with wood paneling, black trim, and white walls.
A minimalist bathroom with clean lines, large mirror, and modern sink fixture.

About Subbota Apartment

Designed by the visionary team at Project905, the Subbota Apartment in Moscow, Russia, is a masterful 52 m2 (560 sq ft) haven that defies the limitations of its compact footprint. Crafted as a temporary home for a family of four and their canine companion, this project showcases how innovative design can elevate the quality of life in small spaces.

Maximizing Functionality with Thoughtful Planning

Recognizing the family’s need for a comfortable and versatile living environment, the designers strategically incorporated all the required functional zones within the limited square footage. From the seamless kitchen-dining room to the cozy sofa area and the dedicated children’s space, every inch of the apartment is thoughtfully optimized to meet the family’s needs.

The Art of Illusion: Enhancing Spatial Perception

Despite the apartment’s modest size and the presence of only two windows, the designers employed clever techniques to create a sense of spaciousness. The strategic use of mirrors, natural lighting, and a minimalist aesthetic contribute to the illusion of a larger, more open living environment.

Multifunctional and Streamlined Design

Recognizing the importance of efficient storage in a compact space, the designers incorporated numerous hidden storage systems throughout the apartment. The combination of the kitchen cabinetry and wardrobe into a single wooden volume at the entrance maximizes functional utility while maintaining a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

Harmonious Blend of Form and Function

The designers have achieved a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that the apartment not only serves the family’s practical needs but also delights the senses. The minimalist palette, featuring white walls and wooden tones, creates a cohesive and calming atmosphere, while the multifunctional furniture pieces optimize the limited floor space.

A Temporary Home that Became a Permanent Sanctuary

Initially intended as a temporary accommodation, the Subbota Apartment has become a cherished and comfortable sanctuary for the family. The thoughtful design, combined with the practical and aesthetic considerations, have transformed this compact space into a beloved home that the family has chosen to stay in, rather than relocating as originally planned.

Photography courtesy of Project905
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- by Matt Watts