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AR09: A Modern Moscow Apartment by Kodd Bureau

Modern dining and living room with wood furniture and neutral tones.

Dive into the heart of Moscow with the AR09 apartment by Kodd Bureau, a modern Scandinavian-designed home that masterfully blends minimalism with functional living. Located on the vibrant Arbat Street, this space is a testament to innovative design, transforming historical architecture into a contemporary haven.

Discover how natural light and wooden textures create a warm, inviting atmosphere, making every corner of this apartment a harmonious blend of past and present.

ZS21 by Kodd Bureau

ZS21 by Kodd Bureau

ZS21 is a stunning modern apartment nestled in a picturesque pine forest in Moscow, Russia. Designed by Kodd Bureau in 2020, this masterpiece harmoniously blends natural elements with a sleek, contemporary design.

As you gaze out from the low-level windows, you’ll find yourself immersed in the beauty of the surrounding tree crowns, while the carefully crafted interior balances color, texture, and decor to create an effortlessly chic living space.