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MJE House: Blending Luxury with Nature in Brazil’s Countryside

Modern single-story building with a striking orange and brown facade, surrounded by lush greenery.

Designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura in 2021, MJE House radiates innovative architectural splendor in Porto Feliz, Brazil. This elegantly designed house occupies a stunning landscape on a steep slope, with a focus on horizontal expansion that blends seamlessly with its surrounding nature. The residence’s unique two-block structure optimizes solar orientation while offering privacy and breathtaking views through its strategic placement and sophisticated design elements, including bespoke freijó wood panels.

Wood House: The Epitome of Eco-Friendly Luxury

FeaturedContemporary walkway with concrete walls, wood paneling, and lush shrub

Embrace the elegance of Wood House, a contemporary gem in Fazenda Boa Vista, São Paulo, Brazil. Crafted by MOS, Matheus Farah, Manoel Maia Architecture, and Gaia Construtora, this residence epitomizes sustainable luxury with its innovative wooden structure and commitment to eco-friendly construction. A haven for efficiency and minimal maintenance, Wood House offers a seamless blend of design and nature, providing a welcoming space for gatherings in the heart of Brazil.

Casa Colina: FGMF Arquitetos’ Concrete Marvel in Porto Feliz

FeaturedCasa Colina: FGMF Arquitetos’ Concrete Marvel in Porto Feliz

In the serene heart of Porto Feliz, Brazil, Casa Colina stands as a testament to modern concrete architecture. Designed by the acclaimed FGMF Arquitetos in 2019, this two-story house seamlessly fuses with its surroundings.

Capitalizing on the unique attributes of the chosen plot, the design prioritizes privacy while maintaining a profound connection to the outdoors. With a minimalist yet robust concrete aesthetic, it boasts a suspended garden, extensive roof garden, and interiors curated by an eclectic mix of national and international designers.

CS House: Brick Architecture Meets Countryside Grandeur

FeaturedCS House: Brick Architecture Meets Countryside Grandeur

Discover the CS House in Porto Feliz, Brazil, a brick-styled gem by Memola Estudio. In this gated community home, family-friendly design meets natural allure. Panoramic views capture sunrises, sunsets, and sweeping landscapes, echoing the rustic aesthetics of a Brazilian farmhouse.

With six generously-sized bedrooms and a vast living space, it’s a blend of modern elegance and timeless countryside charm.

SW House: Porto Feliz’s Contemporary Oasis

FeaturedSW House: Porto Feliz’s Contemporary Oasis

Set against the serene backdrop of Porto Feliz, Brazil, the SW House offers a contemporary retreat for those escaping São Paulo’s pace. Designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura in 2013, this two-story house embraces the land’s natural contours, highlighted by a 9.8-foot stone wall.

With panoramic lake views, sleek design elements, and a blend of leisure and luxury, it’s a modern marvel in a historic setting.