House in the Hills: Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Step into the House in the Hills, where Viù Architettura‘s vision brings to life a single-story marvel in Bologna, Italy. Embracing the modern design ethos, this home is a harmony of panoramic views and intimate connections with nature. Its 12-meter-wide glass facade and nearby pool offer a serene outlook onto the city’s twinkling nightscape, ensuring every moment is imbued with tranquility and beauty.

Modern house with poolside loungers and a hot tub.
Contemporary living room with panoramic view and minimalist decor.
Modern living room with a TV, bookshelves, plants, and sliding door
Modern living room with two chairs, a fireplace, and a green plant.
Contemporary kitchen with sleek design and outdoor view.
Minimalist kitchen design with neutral colors and clean lines.
Contemporary bedroom with textured walls, teal headboard, and gold accents.
Modern bathroom with wooden floor, a white basin on a wooden vanity, and a
Modern bathroom interior with skylight, glass shower, and wooden accents.
Contemporary patio with lounger, wooden deck, and slatted pergola.
Modern poolside with loungers and landscaped garden.
Luxurious poolside terrace overlooking a scenic landscape.
Contemporary house with angled wooden beams and large windows

About House in the Hills

A Dream Second Home Amidst Nature

The owners envisioned their second home nestled among the rolling hills and lush nature. This project gracefully integrates into the landscape with its simple and linear structure.

Panoramic Views Meet Modern Design

A striking 12-meter (about 39 feet) wide glass facade takes center stage, with a pool just steps away. This setup offers a panoramic view of the surrounding nature and the city’s night lights, creating a spectacle of twinkling lights.

Open Space Living: A Harmony of Light and Nature

From the elevated entrance, one steps into a spacious open area that houses both a relaxation zone and a kitchen, marked by a 3-meter (nearly 10 feet) island. Natural light floods both areas, enhancing the connection with the outdoors. A protected porch, shaded by a bioclimatic pergola, runs the length of the house, further blurring the lines between inside and out.

Eastward Expansion: Sunrise to Sunset

The villa extends eastward, from the living spaces to the sleeping quarters, offering stunning sunrise views that enhance morning awakenings and breakfasts.

Creating Intimacy with Interior Design

The interior design aims to foster a cozy and intimate atmosphere, making every moment inside this home feel enveloped in warmth and comfort.

Photography by Roberta De Palo

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- by Matt Watts