Tornado House: Tailor-Made Family Sanctuary in Madrid

Discover the Tornado House in Madrid, Spain—Joaquin Millan‘s contemporary masterpiece designed in 2023. This family home, tailor-made for comfort and functionality, stands out with its unique prismatic architecture and sustainable design.

With every detail crafted to meet the family’s needs, the Tornado House epitomizes modern living, offering a sanctuary that is both energy-efficient and beautifully integrated with its environment.

Modern cubic house with beige exterior, wooden accents, and a small garden.
Minimalist home interior with wooden stair railing and clean lines, featuring people relaxing in
Contemporary kitchen with wooden accents and patterned floor.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, wooden accents, and a view of a small garden
Minimalist dining room with large window and hexagonal wall tiles.
Scandinavian-style kitchen with wood accents and patterned floor tiles.
Bright minimalist room with wooden shelving and a seated person.
Modern room with hexagonal wall patterns, sliding door, and two people at a
Contemporary house with poolside patio and green roof.
Contemporary two-story house with pool at dusk.
Modern building with geometric design and wooden accents at twilight.
Contemporary angular building with a warm-lit patio area.

About Tornado House

Welcome to Tornado House: A Tailor-Made Family Haven

Nestled in a serene Madrid neighborhood, Tornado House emerges as a custom-designed sanctuary for a family of four. Every aspect of this home, from spaces to details, focuses on the family’s needs, tastes, and aspirations. Thus, Tornado House becomes not just a building but a bespoke suit crafted for living.

Architectural Elegance Meets Functionality

The architects embraced simplicity and emphasis, creating a functional masterpiece. Its prismatic volumes distinguish Tornado House from its surroundings, presenting it as a contemporary, abstract object. This design ensures protection and comfort for its inhabitants, without any hint of eccentricity.

Innovative Design Process

The design process resembled a three-dimensional “jenga game,” starting with a solid prism. The team meticulously sculpted this volume, introducing a central patio by pressing down, enhancing light and ventilation, thus mitigating Madrid’s summer heat. Strategic modifications created shaded porches and a welcoming garage, emphasizing interaction with the garden and street.

Sustainability at Its Core

Achieving a sustainable living environment, the house incorporates cutting-edge technology. Features like passive cooling through porches, pergolas for shade, and a double-skinned ceramic façade significantly reduce energy needs. Aero Thermic underfloor heating and a solar panel system virtually eliminate daily energy consumption, underscoring the home’s eco-friendly ethos.

Interior Design: A Symphony of Light and Materials

The interior design emphasizes sobriety and functionality. Warm, calm materials with raw finishes in soft tones create a harmonious environment. This material continuity from the outside in ensures every corner of Tornado House is bathed in natural light, offering unparalleled comfort and a sense of well-being to its residents.

Photography by Javier de Paz

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- by Matt Watts