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Gloucester House: A Striking Waterfront Home

FeaturedGloucester House: A Striking Waterfront Home

Discover the Gloucester House: a modern, two-story marvel nestled in picturesque Gloucester, Virginia. Designed by Architecturefirm in 2021, this stunning residence doubles as a gallery for a vast contemporary art collection.

Perched at the tip of a peninsula overlooking the Ware River, Gloucester House is part of a complex that includes an art barn, guest residences, and a formal lawn that seamlessly connects the buildings to the water. As you step into the double-height entry gallery, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking river views and an array of large-scale paintings and furniture pieces. Each interior space is thoughtfully crafted to showcase specific sculptures or paintings, all while keeping you connected to the mesmerizing landscape outside.

Treehouse: Stunning Mercer Island Home Transformation

FeaturedTreehouse: Stunning Mercer Island Home Transformation

Welcome to the Treehouse! Discover this enchanting two-story house on Mercer Island, Washington, where Floisand Studio Architects masterfully revitalized a 70’s-era Ralph Anderson gem.

Immerse yourself in traditional design, carefully updated to create functional and fresh spaces inside and out, all while preserving the charm of the original home. The property is nestled among trees, offering privacy, daylighting, and spectacular views of nature’s beauty.

Spruce Ridge Cabin: Eco-Luxury Hidden in a Red Spruce Forest

FeaturedSpruce Ridge Cabin: Eco-Luxury Hidden in a Red Spruce Forest

Welcome to the Spruce Ridge Cabin, a modern wooden haven nestled within the lush red spruce forest of Sylva, North Carolina. Designed by Altura Architects, this eco-conscious cabin strikes the perfect balance between luxury and sustainability.

The cabin’s design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment, featuring cedar siding and a dark pine tar stain to complement the forest hues. Inside, the warm birch interiors and unified wood tones create a cozy atmosphere, allowing nature to take center stage.

Discover this extraordinary retreat that promotes a meaningful connection with the land and its delicate ecosystem.

Full House: A New Era of Multi-Generational Living

Full House: A New Era of Multi-Generational Living

Discover Full House, a cutting-edge multi-generational home nestled in the heart of Vancouver, Canada, designed by the renowned Leckie Studio Architecture + Design.

This wooden facade marvel redefines family living by offering a flexible, fluid space that caters to the unique needs of each generation. With an abundance of natural light and lush garden spaces, this five-bedroom haven fosters a harmonious co-existence for every member of the family. Experience the future of home design in a city known for its breathtaking landscapes and skyrocketing real estate market.

Courtyard House: A Fresh Take on Contemporary Living

FeaturedCourtyard House: A Fresh Take on Contemporary Living

Dive into the captivating world of the Courtyard House, a stunning contemporary two-story home designed by Leckie Studio Architecture + Design in Vancouver, Canada.

Known for its breathtaking scenery, this city now hosts a masterpiece that brilliantly merges indoor and outdoor spaces. The central three-sided courtyard brings light, air, and a unique ‘middle yard’ concept to a narrow floor plan. Vertical wood fins and a two-story vegetal screen offer privacy, while vaulted ceilings and strategically placed skylights create a sense of spaciousness. Discover how this innovative design pays homage to the post-war bungalows that grace the surrounding neighborhood.

MeCa: Architectural Innovation and Sustainability

FeaturedMeCa: Architectural Innovation and Sustainability

Discover the magic of MeCa, a two-story concrete house in Buenos Aires, Argentina, designed by AtelierM and redesigned in 2022.

This unique dwelling embraces its residents’ connection to nature and sustenance, featuring a central kitchen and lush greenery throughout the property. MeCa reimagines the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living, creating a harmonious space for relaxation and nourishment.

Family House Hlubočepy: Where Nature and Contemporary Design Collide

Family House Hlubočepy: Where Nature and Contemporary Design Collide

Immerse yourself in the world of Family House Hlubočepy, a contemporary concrete two-story house nestled between the urban and natural landscapes of Hlubočepy, Czech Republic.

Designed by RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka Architects in 2021, this unique home effortlessly merges with its surroundings, drawing inspiration from the nearby Hlubočepské Rocks and Dalejský Brook. Experience a seamless blend of natural and urban design elements, as well as innovative solutions for illumination, space, and budget challenges.

House with Courtyards: A Modern Rural Retreat Near Nicosia

House with Courtyards: A Modern Rural Retreat Near Nicosia

The House with Courtyards is a modern rural masterpiece designed by Christos Pavlou Architecture, nestled just outside Nicosia, Cyprus.

This two-story home offers a unique blend of traditional Cypriot design and contemporary elements, incorporating three large courtyards to create seamless connections between indoor and outdoor spaces. Experience the magic of living close to nature, with private gardens, green atriums, and stunning views, all while enjoying the comforts of modern design.