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Interlace House: Where Design Innovates

Modern two-story house with cantilevered upper floor and lawn.

Discover the Interlace House in Puembo Valley, Ecuador—a contemporary masterpiece by TEC Taller EC that perfectly aligns with the breathtaking views of the Andes. This two-story house showcases innovative design amidst mountainous tranquility, featuring three distinct, overlapping volumes.

From a sunlit underground garage to private spaces facing the majestic Andes, experience how light, space, and nature intertwine in this exceptional home.

Casa Mendoza: Where Design Meets Functionality

Contemporary two-story house with wooden slats over glass and pool.

In the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Casa Mendoza stands as a testament to modern architecture’s ability to merge form with function. Designed by La Base Studio, this three-level home captivates with its contemporary blend of industrial and mid-century modern influences.

From its strategic use of wood and Portuguese tiles to its innovative approach to privacy and space utilization, Casa Mendoza redefines living in a bustling metropolis. Discover how this architect-owned residence, originally a 1970s build, transforms urban living with its unique design and thoughtful integration with the surrounding landscape.

ME House: Innovating with Natural Materials

Modern house with open-plan living area, wooden slats, and concrete exterior.

Unveiling the ME House in Asunción, Paraguay: a masterpiece by Equipo de Arquitectura that redefines living with natural materials. This two-story haven marries industrial chic with nature’s touch, featuring brick, concrete, and wood accents. Its design maximizes natural light, encourages cross ventilation, and embraces greenery, ensuring every corner breathes comfort and sustainability.

Tree House: A Brick Beauty in London’s Ealing

Modern house with brick facade and large windows next to traditional homes.

Step into the Ealing marvel, a two-bedroom home in London, UK, ingeniously crafted by Fletcher Crane Architects. Embracing a unique brick design, this 2021 project, named Tree House, transforms a former garage site into a striking blend of grey brick, black timber, and sleek metalwork. The interior echoes this raw elegance with ash joinery and terrazzo tiles, ensuring a seamless flow of design from the outside in.

Perfect for those who admire architectural ingenuity and the play of natural light within urban confines.

Grey Residence: A Modern Montreal Makeover

Modern kitchen interior with wooden finishes and bar stools.

RobitailleCurtis transforms the Grey Residence, a 1905 home in Montreal’s historic Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, into a modern haven. This renovation marries expanded living spaces with intricate designs, like a unique kitchen centered around a sleek island and a versatile granny suite, all while enhancing natural light and flow. Perfect for a growing family, this project showcases a blend of contemporary style and functionality.

Casa Coral: Contemporary Design by Alta Arquitectura

Contemporary house with geometric facade and carport.

Casa Coral redefines modern living with its architectural harmony, blending solid exteriors of chukum, marble, stone, concrete, and wood in Alvarado, Mexico. This contemporary two-story house by Alta Arquitectura offers a sanctuary of privacy and warmth. Its spacious design, highlighted by a grand entrance and floating staircase, seamlessly connects social areas to the lush garden, promising an immersive experience in every corner.