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Bologna Apartment: A Glimpse into Future Living Spaces

Vibrant, modern kitchen and dining area with striking blue and green accents.

Discover the Bologna Apartment, designed by Mario Montesinos Marco in 2021, located in Italy’s historic heart. This unique dwelling merges contemporary design with a queer aesthetic, challenging traditional boundaries between the physical and virtual. Through the use of innovative materials and 3D printing techniques, it represents a bold reimagining of living spaces, inviting occupants to explore identity and self-design in an ever-changing world.

House in the Hills: Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Modern house with poolside loungers and a hot tub.

Step into the House in the Hills, where Viù Architettura‘s vision brings to life a single-story marvel in Bologna, Italy. Embracing the modern design ethos, this home is a harmony of panoramic views and intimate connections with nature. Its 12-meter-wide glass facade and nearby pool offer a serene outlook onto the city’s twinkling nightscape, ensuring every moment is imbued with tranquility and beauty.

Casa Fondazza: Bridging Bologna’s Historic Elegance with Today’s Design

Casa Fondazza: Bridging Bologna’s Historic Elegance with Today’s Design

In the heart of Bologna, Italy, renowned for its rich history and gastronomic delights, lies Casa Fondazza. Designed by Carlotta Franceschi in 2017, this traditional 160sqm (1,722sqft) apartment merges historical elegance with modern practicality.

Precious frescoes adorn its walls and ceilings, and a detailed restoration has given the space a contemporary touch, making it an ideal home for a young family.