LT Enerray by Acabadomate

LT Enerray has opened a new headquarters in Bologna, Italy, designed by Acabadomate in 2021.

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Manerba office solutions furnish the new headquarters of L.T. Enerray in Bologna, in a succession of spaces with different textures, materials and colors.
450sqm on two levels of a building within an office complex on the outskirts of Bologna, used as multifunctional spaces by Acabadomate, a studio founded by two Italian architects based in Barcelona, joined by interior designer Laura Muñoz.

Upstream of the project was an accurate color study to characterize each area-from the meeting room to operational workstations to relaxation areas such as lounge and shared kitchen-with specific textures and studied color combinations.

A hybrid space, shared by people carrying out different activities, that satisfies extreme flexibility of use, great visual and acoustic comfort.

For the partitions, the Glass Wall System was chosen, a system of internal partitions with aluminum metal profiles (in this project in sand, coral red and midnight blue colors) of different colors that, as in this case, incorporates storage furniture and doors, selected for variety it offers in materials and finishes, unusual in office design.

Apollo tables with corten or forest green frames, combined with matching Unibox drawer units on wheels, play by contrast with the profiles of the enclosed spaces.

Designed by Shane Schneck, with its slightly spread legs-simulating and reminiscent of a moon landing-Apollo gives a pop, young and contemporary look to our workspaces. There are many pluses to this system: with its powder-coated legs in various colors, from “C”-shaped sections, it can accommodate cables at full height and connect them directly to the worktop: the choice of top material fell on a soft touch laminate in various colors coordinated with the base, combined with a vertical cork panel that is sound-absorbent and comfortable to the touch. The use of cork for the office is unprecedented: a natural, green material, pleasing to the eye and to the touch, with incredible sound-absorbing properties.

In the meeting room a large Revo table in the finish with white painted metal legs and a midnight blue tempered glass top.

The result is an office that is less rational and more intuitive, more domestic and less functionalist, with a playful yet warm touch, just like the L.T. Enerray vision, a dynamic company looking toward the future.

In collaboration with interior designer Laura Muñoz

Photography by Marcela Grassi

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- by Matt Watts