Bologna Apartment: A Glimpse into Future Living Spaces

Discover the Bologna Apartment, designed by Mario Montesinos Marco in 2021, located in Italy’s historic heart. This unique dwelling merges contemporary design with a queer aesthetic, challenging traditional boundaries between the physical and virtual. Through the use of innovative materials and 3D printing techniques, it represents a bold reimagining of living spaces, inviting occupants to explore identity and self-design in an ever-changing world.

Vibrant, modern kitchen and dining area with striking blue and green accents.
A modern and colorful living room with a gray couch, vibrant curtains, and playful decor.
Modern kitchen with colorful, geometric cabinets and lighting fixtures in a minimalist design.
Vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and modern appliances create a playful kitchen design.
Colorful modern interior with minimalist furniture, subtle lighting, and textured floors.
Minimalist bedroom interior with suspended lighting fixture and colorful accents.
A modern bathroom with minimalist design, featuring green accents, shelves, and a glass panel.

About Bologna Apartment

Revolutionizing Living Spaces with the Bologna Apartment

In 2021, the Bologna Apartment emerged as a groundbreaking venture by designer Mario Montesinos Marco, located in the heart of Bologna, Italy. This apartment is more than just a living space; it’s a manifesto on the potential of architecture to transcend physical and virtual boundaries. At its core, the design philosophy challenges the conventional, offering a space where the real and virtual not only coexist but enhance each other, crafting a unique realm of hyperreality.

A Deep Dive into Queer Aesthetics and 3D Printing

Mario Montesinos Marco drew inspiration from queer theory, advocating for a non-binary view of the world. The apartment serves as a canvas to explore identity, fluidity, and the possibilities of self-design. Through the strategic use of vibrant colors, innovative materials such as steel, plastic, glass, and avant-garde 3D printing techniques, the Bologna Apartment stands as a testament to the power of design in crafting future living spaces. The incorporation of unique shapes and textures aims to provoke the occupant’s interaction with their surroundings, encouraging a personal dialogue with space and promoting a dynamic form of self-expression.

The Role of Materiality in Shaping Experiences

The chosen material palette, featuring an array of blues and greens alongside steel, glass, and plastics, plays a pivotal role in the apartment’s design. These materials are not just functional; they are integral to the creation of varying atmospheres that reflect the user’s identity. Textured surfaces alongside transparent and porous structures add depth, enabling the space itself to become an extension of the individual. The innovative use of laser-cut metals and textured glass further emphasizes the apartment’s role as a playground for exploring the multiplicity of being.

The Bologna Apartment is more than a place to live; it’s a living, breathing entity that invites exploration and transformation. It stands as a bold representation of future habitats, where design not only meets the needs of the present but anticipates the desires of the future. In this space, occupants are not just inhabitants but participants in an ongoing experiment in living, where every corner and curve offers new possibilities for discovery.

Photography by Francesca Lanza
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- by Matt Watts