Paço Lumiar AC Apartment: A Stunning Lisbon Renovation

Discover the Paço Lumiar AC Apartment in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by João Tiago Aguiar in 2023. This stunning apartment transformation showcases a shift towards a modern, open layout. Originally a 2-bedroom property, it’s now a contemporary 1-bedroom space with an ensuite, a reimagined kitchenette, and custom carpentry, creating a cohesive and inviting interior design masterpiece.

Minimalist living room with built-in shelving, midcentury-inspired furniture, and wooden floors.
A modern, minimalist living room with built-in shelving, wood floors, and a cozy armchair.
Spacious living room with wooden furniture, neutral tones, and midcentury modern decor.
Minimalist dining room with wooden table, Eames-style chairs, pendant light, and curtains.
Open-concept living space with minimalist kitchen, wooden dining table, and natural lighting.
Minimalist modern kitchen with marble countertops and pendant lighting fixtures.
Spacious modern kitchen with large marble island and open-concept living area.
Elegant, minimalist kitchen with sleek marble countertop, pendant lights, and open shelving.
A minimalist interior with a curved white ceiling light, shelving unit, and blurred figure.
Elegant neutral-toned bedroom with minimalist headboard and bedding, creating a calming ambiance.
Sleek, modern bathroom with a marble vanity, glass shower, and an overhead skylight.
Modern, minimalist bathroom with sleek, white tiled walls, recessed lighting, and a large soaking tub.

About Paço Lumiar AC Apartment

An Elegant Transformation in Lisbon

The Paço Lumiar AC Apartment, nestled in Lisbon’s vibrant heart, underwent a profound transformation under João Tiago Aguiar’s careful stewardship in 2023. This project turned a traditional space into a bastion of modern living, emphasizing openness, functionality, and design finesse. Initially featuring two bedrooms and bathrooms, the apartment now delights with a one-bedroom suite, showcasing a seamless blend of privacy and style.

Revitalizing Spaces with Intelligent Design

A pivotal change was the reimagining of the kitchen into a kitchenette, enhancing the apartment’s fluidity and flexibility. Meanwhile, the entrance hall and laundry areas received a thoughtful redesign to elevate the welcoming atmosphere further. Storage solutions and decorative elements received particular attention, with custom carpentry ensuring a cohesive aesthetic throughout.

Lighting: The Heartbeat of Ambiance

Lighting took center stage in transforming the apartment into a sanctuary of calm and warmth. Through strategic placements of lightboxes and other lighting elements, each room bathes in inviting light, highlighting the meticulous finishes and contributing to a soothing ambiance.

Mastering the Art of Modern Living

Every aspect of the redesign aimed to expand a sense of spaciousness, from the strategic furniture arrangement to the elimination of superfluous partitions. The outcome is a modernized Lisbon residence that fuses functionality with aesthetic allure, tailor-made to the client’s aspirations.

Through João Tiago Aguiar’s vision, the Paço Lumiar AC Apartment emerges as a testament to contemporary design’s power to reinvent living spaces, making them more aligned with modern lifestyles. This project not only meets but exceeds client expectations, setting a new standard for urban living in one of Portugal’s most dynamic cities.

Photography by Francisco Nogueira
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- by Matt Watts