Modern Residence A.K.: Spyros Stefopoulos’ Masterpiece in Thérmi

Discover the Modern Residence A.K. in Thérmi, Greece, designed by Spyros Stefopoulos. This house encompasses 200 sq.m. of luxury and comfort, merging elegance with functionality for a modern living experience.

Sleek modern living room with minimalist furnishings, black accents, and bold artwork.
A modern, open-concept living space with sleek gray furniture, black accents, and a minimalist aesthetic.
Modern, spacious living room with sleek black furniture, large TV, and natural lighting.
Sleek, modern interior with concrete countertop, wooden furniture, and sophisticated lighting.
Sleek, modern kitchen with minimalist cabinetry, open living area, and large windows.
A modern kitchen and dining room with sleek, minimalist furniture and decor.
Modern kitchen with sleek black cabinets, pendant lighting, and a wooden dining table.
Minimalist bedroom design with sleek wooden accents, artwork, and integrated lighting.
Stylish bedroom with tropical wallpaper, statement lighting, and plush upholstered headboard.
Minimalist bedroom design with tropical-patterned accent wall, built-in desk, and large TV.
Sleek modern bedroom with black marble feature wall, wood paneling, and pendant lighting.
Spacious modern bedroom with large window, black marble accent wall, and minimalist furnishings.
Sleek, modern bedroom with marble accent wall, built-in furniture, and panoramic city view.

About Modern Residence A.K.

Welcome to Modern Elegance

Nestled in the serene town of Thérmi, Greece, the Modern Residence A.K. unfolds as the epitome of sophisticated living. Designed by visionary Spyros Stefopoulos, this 200 sq.m. sanctuary merges luxury with functionality. Modernity charges the air, starting with the spacious living room. Here, sleek lines meet plush comfort. Gray tones and a bold fireplace create an inviting tableau, perfect for serene evenings or lively social gatherings.

The Heart of the Home

Seamlessly, the space transitions into the dining area and kitchen, the core where culinary magic happens. The minimalist design, highlighted by charming pendant lights, strikes a fine balance with state-of-the-art appliances. An expansive dining table anchors the room, promising memorable meals with a clear view of the staircase, an architectural statement on its own.

Private Spaces Unveiled

Ascending the staircase, one discovers the private quarters. Each bedroom is a retreat, echoing the residence’s stylish flair. Purposeful contrasts, from muted backdrops to expressive artworks, cater to the desire for tranquility. In the master bedroom, luxury is palpable, with a dark, textured headboard juxtaposed against the woodgrain and soft lighting, offering a sophisticated escape.

In every corner, the Modern Residence A.K. stands as a testament to Spyros Stefopoulos’ mastery, where elegance and functionality thrive in harmony.

Photography courtesy of Spyros Stefopoulos
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- by Matt Watts