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Belas Clube Campo: Inside the Sleek Design of Portugal’s Elegance

FeaturedModern living room with sleek furniture and wooden accents.

Belas Clube Campo, designed by Emanuel Valente de Sousa of Studio A+1 in 2021, epitomizes the zenith of modern elegance. Located in Portugal, this house seamlessly integrates luxurious contemporary design with a serene natural setting. Showcasing expansive living areas adorned with warm wooden accents and minimalist kitchens, every detail underlines a commitment to stylish, harmonious living.

Opeccellente: A Modern Italian House Amongst Olive Trees

Sleek single-story home with pool and outdoor living space.

Discover Opeccellente, a contemporary single-family house designed by Paolo Pellegrini in 2022. Located in Polignano a Mare, Italy, amidst olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation, this property offers a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, characterized by large windows and a harmonious design that incorporates the surrounding landscape into its modern, minimal interiors.

The Oasis Apartment: Elevating Thessaloniki’s Residential Aesthetics

Contemporary open-plan living space with stylish circular lighting.

Discover The Oasis Apartment in Thessaloniki, Greece, a masterpiece by Elefkon Design Studio. Designed in 2022, this modern apartment combines contemporary aesthetics with functionality, offering a serene and sophisticated living space.

With natural wood flooring, expansive sliding glass doors, and a color palette that balances soft neutrals with vibrant yellow, each room reflects a unique blend of elegance and comfort.

Hradby House: Where History Meets Modern Luxury

FeaturedModern living room with arched ceiling, gray tones, fireplace, and sleek furniture

Discover the Hradby House in the Czech Republic, designed by OOOOX in 2023. This house masterfully combines historical architectural elements with modern interior design, showcasing a luxurious living space that harmonizes the old and the new. With its preserved ancient walls juxtaposed against contemporary decor, this residence sets a new standard for modern living within a historical context.

Overlooking the Sea: A Luxurious Penthouse in Ashdod

Modern minimalist living room with gray sectional sofa, wooden floors, and sheer curtains.

Discover “Overlooking the Sea,” a luxurious 300 sqm penthouse in Ashdod, Israel, designed by Marina Rechter-Rubinshtein. This opulent apartment is built for a modern family, featuring a spacious balcony, pool, and bespoke interior spaces including a gym, office, and walk-in closet.

Experience unparalleled design, where functionality meets elegance in a stunning coastal setting.