D House – Red Line: Inside Darfo Boario Terme’s Iconic Residence

Explore the D House – Red Line, a striking example of contemporary house design located in Darfo Boario Terme, Italy. Designed by Matteo Tosini in 2010, this property features minimalist interiors with bold accents and luxurious amenities, set against the serene backdrop of the Italian Alps.

Striking modern home with pool, landscaped gardens, and stone tower feature.
Spacious open-concept living space with minimalist white and grey decor, sleek sofas, and modern glass coffee table.
Sleek, modern interior with clean lines, high-contrast color palette, and geometric lighting.
A sleek, modern kitchen with high ceilings, pendant lighting, and a minimalist design aesthetic.
A modern, minimalist kitchen with sleek stainless steel appliances and an open, airy design.
Striking modern kitchen with angular white ceiling, sleek dark countertops, and minimalist lighting.
Minimalist bedroom design with recessed lighting, striped bedding, and neutral color palette.
A modern bathroom with sleek black and white design, featuring a vaulted ceiling and dual vanities.
Modern and minimalist spa-inspired interior with jacuzzi, chaise lounges, and potted cacti.
Sleek, modern architectural design with lush greenery, white stones, and clean lines.

About D House – Red Line

Innovative Design in the Italian Alps

Nestled in the lush valley of Darfo Boario Terme, Italy, the D House – Red Line stands as a testament to contemporary architecture. Designed in 2010 by Matteo Tosini, this stunning residence merges elegance with functionality. Ascending the intricately landscaped grounds, a breathtaking white exterior complemented by bold red accents announces you’ve arrived at a bastion of modern living. The outdoor space, complete with a pristine swimming pool, invites tranquility amid the backdrop of the Alps.

Minimalist Interiors with a Statement

Stepping inside, the spacious living room captivates with its minimalist aesthetic. Seamless white walls offset by dark, polished floors frame the central seating area, offering a canvas for any homeowner’s personal style. Next, the dining room hints at the house’s name with a striking red overhead feature that draws the eye upward and elongates the space enticingly.

Flowing into the kitchen, we’re greeted by a stunning display of white countenance, punctuated by a contrasting black dining table set. The high ceilings adorned with avant-garde lighting elements add airiness to this culinary haven, inviting both chef and guest alike.

Personal Retreats and Luxe Amenities

The private quarters do not disappoint. The master bedroom’s clean lines and muted colors create a serene escape, while the en-suite bathroom—with its sleek vanity and glass-walled shower—emphasizes luxury and openness. Concluding the tour, a tranquil spa room offers relaxation, its glass doors providing a seamless connection to the serene outdoors. This architectural marvel, by Matteo Tosini, epitomizes the harmonious blend of indoor comfort and natural beauty—a pinnacle of modern living in the bucolic Italian mountains.

Photography courtesy of Matteo Tosini
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- by Matt Watts