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Common Knowledge: Flexible Social Hub Redefines Music Industry

Bright, open-concept workspace with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and modern furniture.

In London, UK, THISS Studio has designed a vibrant and flexible social hub called Common Knowledge, challenging the austerity often associated with the music industry. This modular, dynamic space facilitates knowledge sharing amongst music professionals and recording artists, featuring bespoke furniture, lighting, and shelving developed in collaboration with Mitre and Mondays. Embracing the building’s industrial heritage, the design employs a tactile palette of cork, aluminum, and sycamore to create a coworking environment that feels like a welcoming home away from home.

Moscow Apartment: Insight into Space-Saving Solutions

Minimalist kitchen with wooden cabinets, granite countertop, and decorative red branches.

Discover how the Moscow Apartment, designed by Alexander Tischler in 2022, redefines compact luxury in the heart of the Russian Federation. This apartment cleverly maximizes a modest 38 square meters space, transforming it into a functional yet stylish habitat with distinct living and private areas. Explore how expert design and custom furniture make this space a modern marvel.

Hayama Apartment: A Beacon of Minimalist Living in Japan

Bright, modern open-concept apartment with wood accents, kitchen, dining area, and guitar.

Discover the stunning transformation of the Hayama Apartment, nestled in the vibrant beach town of Hayama, Japan. Designed by the visionary team at Roovice in 2022, this 55-year-old apartment now shines as a model of minimalist and easy-to-maintain living space. Through innovative design choices, including lauan accents and strategic use of PVC flooring, the apartment has been reimagined to embody the serene atmosphere of its coastal surroundings, offering an airy and bright home that beautifully integrates with the outdoor garden.

Ecom Coffee Offices in Genoa: How Color Transforms Workspaces

A vibrant, modern office space with colorful furniture, plants, and creative architectural elements.

Ecom Coffee Offices in Genoa, Italy, revolutionizes workspace design. Circolo – A, led by Simone Ierardi, crafts a vibrant environment within Palazzo Giulio Pallavicini’s historic walls. This office space blends functional zones with a lively color scheme, promoting creativity and productivity in a setting that feels as comfortable as home. High on natural light and modern furnishings, it’s a testament to innovative, dynamic office design.

Central Park South Apartment: Seamless Design Meets Functionality

A spacious, minimalist living area with modern furniture, artwork, and built-in shelving.

Designed by Glickman Schlesinger Architects in 2023, the Central Park South Apartment offers a tranquil, meditative space optimized for views of Central Park. With a focus on maximizing natural light, the 1,700 sq ft (158 sq m) interior features seamless integrated storage and a clever layout that enhances living space fluidity. The design incorporates a sophisticated palette and custom furnishings, creating a unique blend of functionality and style in this urban haven.

Paço Lumiar AC Apartment: A Stunning Lisbon Renovation

Open-concept living space with minimalist kitchen, wooden dining table, and natural lighting.

Discover the Paço Lumiar AC Apartment in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by João Tiago Aguiar in 2023. This stunning apartment transformation showcases a shift towards a modern, open layout. Originally a 2-bedroom property, it’s now a contemporary 1-bedroom space with an ensuite, a reimagined kitchenette, and custom carpentry, creating a cohesive and inviting interior design masterpiece.

Renovation in Almagro: Elevating Apartment Living in Spain’s Heart

An open, airy living space with high ceilings, modern furnishings, and a stylish mix of textures.

Immerse yourself in the Renovation in Almagro—a 2021 masterpiece by Ábaton located in Madrid, Spain. This exquisite apartment redesign merges elegant space distribution with the charm of natural light, distinguishing private spaces from social ones with finesse. Discover how traditional elements like high ceilings and floral moldings blend with contemporary design to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.