Ecom Coffee Offices in Genoa: How Color Transforms Workspaces

Ecom Coffee Offices in Genoa, Italy, revolutionizes workspace design. Circolo – A, led by Simone Ierardi, crafts a vibrant environment within Palazzo Giulio Pallavicini’s historic walls. This office space blends functional zones with a lively color scheme, promoting creativity and productivity in a setting that feels as comfortable as home. High on natural light and modern furnishings, it’s a testament to innovative, dynamic office design.

A vibrant, modern office space with colorful furniture, plants, and creative architectural elements.
A modern, open-plan office space with vibrant color palette, glass partitions, and stylish furnishings.
Bright modern office space with glass walls, wooden furniture, and greenery accents.
Serene office space with antique wooden cabinet, tropical plants, and framed art.
Vibrant green doorway frames a cozy dining area with red chairs and potted plant.
Modern office space with minimalist shelving, red textured wall, and ergonomic desk setup.
An open, well-lit office space with sleek furniture, greenery, and minimalist decor.
Contemporary open workspace with minimalist furniture, strategic lighting, and vibrant accents.

About Ecom Coffee Offices

Revolutionizing Workspace Design in Historic Genoa

In the heart of Genoa, Italy, the Ecom Coffee Offices emerge as a beacon of modern workspace design. Led by Simone Ierardi of Circolo – A, this office project transcends traditional boundaries. Set within the majestic Palazzo Giulio Pallavicini, the design intertwines with the city’s rich history yet breathes innovation and creativity. The office spans over 2690 square feet (250 square meters) on the third floor, surrounded by neoclassical architecture and the solemn shapes of the Teatro Carlo Felice.

A Workspace That Feels Like Home

Circolo – A’s design philosophy brings the comfort and pleasure of home into the office. The space is meticulously organized into functional zones that blend and hybridize, encouraging movement and interaction akin to a dynamic living environment. This approach stems from Simone Ierardi’s extensive residential design experience, resulting in a workspace that suits a vivacious, creative team.

Color as a Catalyst for Creativity

Color plays a pivotal role in the design of the Ecom Coffee Offices. It’s utilized not just as an aesthetic choice but as a strategic tool to foster an upbeat and stimulating atmosphere. The open space, the heart of the office, is cleverly segmented into a dining area, a relaxation zone, and a meeting room. The relaxation area, in particular, exudes a cozy vibe with warm colors and comfortable furniture, designed to offer employees a place to unwind or work in a more informal setting.

Innovative Use of Light and Space

The office design emphasizes an intelligent use of natural and artificial light, ensuring a visually comfortable environment. LED lighting provides consistent and pleasant illumination, while the south-east facing windows bathe the space in sunlight. Custom-made glass and wood elements subtly delineate different functional areas without obstructing light or movement, adding a geometric harmony to the space’s overall layout. Indoor plants placed throughout the office contrast with the urban setting, adding to the tranquil and welcoming atmosphere.

This office is not just a place of work but a vibrant habitat where creativity and productivity flourish amidst the bustling heart of Genoa.

Photography by Studio Campo
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- by Matt Watts