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Ecom Coffee Offices in Genoa: How Color Transforms Workspaces

A vibrant, modern office space with colorful furniture, plants, and creative architectural elements.

Ecom Coffee Offices in Genoa, Italy, revolutionizes workspace design. Circolo – A, led by Simone Ierardi, crafts a vibrant environment within Palazzo Giulio Pallavicini’s historic walls. This office space blends functional zones with a lively color scheme, promoting creativity and productivity in a setting that feels as comfortable as home. High on natural light and modern furnishings, it’s a testament to innovative, dynamic office design.

Casa Cape: Innovating Elegance in Orzinuovi’s Heart

Modern living room with a sofa, staircase, and large window.

Discover Casa Cape in Orzinuovi, Italy, a stunning house reimagined by ZDA | Zupelli Design Architettura in 2024. This architectural gem blends traditional charm with contemporary flair, featuring a statement double-height living room that encapsulates modern sophistication. With detailed finishes and custom elements like a distinctive iron staircase, Casa Cape offers a unique, luxurious living experience.

Comprehensive Renovation in Salesas: Bright, Spacious, and Family-Centered

FeaturedModern living room with white sofa, blue chairs, and exposed brick wall.

Discover the Comprehensive Renovation in Salesas, Madrid, Spain, by the design firm Ábaton. This 2021 project beautifully transforms a 19th-century apartment into a modern, light-filled space centered around a strategically placed kitchen. The renovation emphasizes enhancing spatial quality and natural light in every corner of this inviting family home.

RM House: A New Vision for Modern Tropical Living

FeaturedContemporary house with wooden overhang, stone path over water, and lush lawn

Unveiling RM House by e.Re Studio Architects, a modern private residence nestled in Cianjur, Indonesia. Designed in 2023, this home masterfully combines traditional elements with a contemporary twist, emphasizing spacious, light-filled spaces that connect seamlessly with the outdoors. The heart of the house—an enchanting tropical garden—sets a tranquil scene, visible from most areas within. Through innovative design, RM House achieves a harmonious blend of functionality, privacy, and aesthetic appeal, making it a true sanctuary for its inhabitants.