Casa Cape: Innovating Elegance in Orzinuovi’s Heart

Discover Casa Cape in Orzinuovi, Italy, a stunning house reimagined by ZDA | Zupelli Design Architettura in 2024. This architectural gem blends traditional charm with contemporary flair, featuring a statement double-height living room that encapsulates modern sophistication. With detailed finishes and custom elements like a distinctive iron staircase, Casa Cape offers a unique, luxurious living experience.

Modern living room with a sofa, staircase, and large window.
Modern living room with a grey sofa, decorative pillows, and a patterned rug
Sleek narrow kitchen with wood countertops and white cabinetry.
Minimalist dining area with a clear glass table, transparent chairs, and pendant lights
Minimalist bedroom with a white ceiling, herringbone floor, and neutral tones
Minimalist bathroom with floating fixtures and neutral tones.
Minimalistic bathroom with a cylindrical sink and circular mirror.
Sleek, beige-toned bathroom with glass shower and minimalist design.
Contemporary bathroom with wooden vanity and round mirror.
Modern bathroom with wooden vanity, round mirrors, and white fixtures.

About Casa Cape

Embracing Elegance and Innovation: The Journey of Casa Cape

Casa Cape, a remarkable house located in Orzinuovi, Italy, stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of ZDA | Zupelli Design Architettura. Completed in 2024, the project showcases a marriage of traditional charm and contemporary sophistication. At its heart lies a spacious double-height living room, enveloped in natural light, serving as the home’s vibrant core. This architectural marvel impresses with its minimalist yet warm atmosphere, where every corner tells a story of elegance and comfort.

A Symphony of Textures and Light

The residence boasts large windows that invite the sun, illuminating interiors with a luminous glow. Floors in porcelain stoneware mimic stone, adding rustic grace, while resin cement in bathrooms introduces sleek modernity. The parquet flooring in the sleeping quarters envelops residents in warmth, creating a soothing retreat. Casa Cape’s attention to detail is evident in the flush doors’ clean lines, enhancing the home’s contemporary aesthetic.

An Artful Ascent: The Signature Staircase

A custom-made iron staircase stands as Casa Cape’s centerpiece, merging functionality with art. It not only connects the home’s two levels but also captivates with its intricate design, making a bold statement.

Living in Harmony with History and Modernity

Casa Cape respects its historical setting while adding a touch of modern allure. Each space, meticulously planned, aims to elevate comfort and beauty. From layout to accents, the design optimizes living spaces for a lifestyle of luxury and tranquility. Casa Cape emerges not just as a dwelling but as a beacon of unique architectural thought, blending into Orzinuovi’s historic canvas while offering an unparalleled living experience.

Photography courtesy of ZDA | Zupelli Design Architettura

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- by Matt Watts