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Casa Cape: Innovating Elegance in Orzinuovi’s Heart

Modern living room with a sofa, staircase, and large window.

Discover Casa Cape in Orzinuovi, Italy, a stunning house reimagined by ZDA | Zupelli Design Architettura in 2024. This architectural gem blends traditional charm with contemporary flair, featuring a statement double-height living room that encapsulates modern sophistication. With detailed finishes and custom elements like a distinctive iron staircase, Casa Cape offers a unique, luxurious living experience.

House 30: Revitalizing 1960s Architecture in São Paulo

Contemporary living space with red chairs, a gray sofa, and large pendant lights

Discover House 30, a semi-detached house redesigned by RUÍNA Architecture in São Paulo, Brazil. This 2020 project transforms an underused space into a vibrant living area, integrating a guest bedroom, living, and dining room with the outdoors. Merging traditional with contemporary, the renovation showcases structural ingenuity and seamless indoor-outdoor connectivity.

Transformation House ME: Blending History with Modern Living

Minimalist bedroom with exposed stone walls and concrete floor.

Unveiling Transformation House ME, a historic home in Brissago, Switzerland, reimagined by Wespi de Meuron Romeo in 2023. This architectural marvel combines the beauty of Lake Maggiore views with a vineyard setting. With a focus on enhancing the structure’s inherent qualities, the renovation introduces modern living spaces that harmonize with the natural stone surroundings, demonstrating a respectful blend of history and contemporary design.