Moscow Apartment: Insight into Space-Saving Solutions

Discover how the Moscow Apartment, designed by Alexander Tischler in 2022, redefines compact luxury in the heart of the Russian Federation. This apartment cleverly maximizes a modest 38 square meters space, transforming it into a functional yet stylish habitat with distinct living and private areas. Explore how expert design and custom furniture make this space a modern marvel.

Minimalist kitchen with wooden cabinets, granite countertop, and decorative red branches.
Modern kitchen with sleek cabinetry, built-in ovens, and dark countertop.
A modern, minimalist interior with clean lines, neutral tones, and a dining table.
A modern, minimalist kitchen with sleek cabinets, a granite countertop, and a wooden dining table.
Minimal living room decor with modern artwork and plush sofa invites relaxation.
Modern, minimalist bedroom with monochromatic color scheme, large TV, and patterned rug.
Minimalist bedroom design with neutral tones, sleek window blinds, and textured decor.
Minimalist bedroom with built-in wardrobe, bedside table, and textured decor.
A minimalist home office with a sleek floating desk, chair, and decorative elements.
A modern bathroom with sleek black and white tiles, a white sink, and a shower curtain.
Minimalist bathroom design featuring a white sink, sleek vanity, and a modern door.
A modern bathroom with a black and gray stone-tiled shower and a white bathtub.

About Moscow Apartment

Redefining Compact Living

Moscow Apartment, masterfully designed by Alexander Tischler in 2022, embraces the challenge of maximizing a modest 38 square meters (409 square feet). Located in Moscow, Russian Federation, it serves a couple, spearheading innovative space utilization without compromising style or comfort.

Inspired Layout and Functional Design

The interior layout segregates the apartment into a multifunctional kitchen-living space and a private, secluded bedroom. This design ensures each area fulfills its purpose effectively. The living space is cleverly constructed around a large double-sided wardrobe, enhancing storage options and spatial division.

Custom Solutions for Everyday Living

Every piece of cabinet furniture is specifically crafted to fit the space, ensuring no area is wasted. Notable is the kitchen’s streamlined design, featuring built-in appliances and an elegant black countertop, creating a cohesive look with the rest of the home. The balcony, transformed into a cozy home office, includes custom-designed furniture like a hanging desk and cabinets, optimizing every inch of available space.

Smart Features and Aesthetic Choices

Attention to detail is evident with installations like frosted glass sliding partitions, which enhance natural lighting while maintaining privacy. The bedroom’s strategic setup with a headboard facing the window incorporates functionality, like wall vents, ensuring comfort in every aspect. The use of porcelain stoneware to correct an uneven wall not only solves a spatial challenge but also adds a touch of luxury.

Enhanced Living Experience

The redesign extends to the bathroom, slightly enlarged to accommodate modern necessities. A shallow cabinet with a worktop washbasin improves functionality while providing additional storage. These thoughtful modifications across the Moscow Apartment demonstrate the feasibility of luxe living in a limited space, reflecting a profound understanding of modern urban needs.

Photography courtesy of Alexander Tischler
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- by Matt Watts