Chaletles Niveaux: Luxury Meets the Mountains in Italy’s Courmayeur

Crafted by Nomade Architettura Interior Design in 2023, Chaletles Niveaux reimagines chalet living in Courmayeur, Italy. This property, spanning three levels, blends contemporary and mountainous aesthetics with functional, custom-made furniture and a subdued yet significant focus on lighting, creating an enveloping material and chromatic continuity.

Cozy mountain retreat with rustic wood paneling, stone fireplace, and plush seating.
Rustic wooden interior with stone fireplace and firewood storage, overlooking a garden.
A cozy, modern open-plan living area with wooden beams, gray cabinetry, and a dining table.
Rustic wooden beams create a cozy atmosphere in this modern kitchen design.
Rustic wooden interior with stone wall, pendant lighting, and open dining area.
Warm, rustic interior with exposed wood beams, stone wall, and modern furniture.
A cozy, rustic living room with warm wood paneling, a sectional sofa, and accent tables.
Rustic wooden beams and paneled headboard in cozy bedroom interior.
Modern bathroom with clean wood paneling, glass shower, and minimalist design.
Rustic bathroom with wooden accents, modern basin, and geometric mirror frame.

About Chaletles Niveaux

A New Benchmark in Luxe Mountain Living

In the heart of Courmayeur, Valle d’Aosta, lies Chaletles Niveaux, a beacon of modern Walser-inspired architecture. Designed in 2023 by the visionary minds at Nomade Architettura Interior Design, this chalet stands as a testament to sophisticated mountain living. Spanning three meticulously crafted levels, it offers a unique blend of functionality and elegance tailored for a young couple.

Innovative Design Meets Alpine Warmth

The semi-basement level unveils an expansive cinema room, complete with a bar area, alongside a gym and sauna, proving that luxury knows no boundaries. Ascend the stairs to the ground floor to find an inviting living space. Here, a kitchen and dining area merge seamlessly with a reading zone, all centered around a striking stone fireplace. The top floor houses the private quarters, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms offering sanctuary and rest.

Masterful Material and Color Harmony

Chaletles Niveaux exudes warmth and comfort, striking a perfect balance between contemporary flair and mountainous soul. Wood plays a starring role without overwhelming, adorning select walls while fresh finishes elsewhere are treated with lime. Custom-designed furnishings maximize space use, enhancing the rooms and meshing with the parquet to create a cohesive material and color palette.

Light plays a pivotal role in this chalet, carefully crafted to highlight spaces and features with adjustable spotlights and integrated LEDs, bringing each room to life. The color scheme features natural, warm tones with black accents, adding a contemporary twist. Bathrooms showcase Luserna stone, expertly crafted by local artisans, emphasizing the chalet’s commitment to regional craftsmanship and luxury.

Chaletles Niveaux stands as a refined embodiment of the client’s aspirations and Nomade’s architectural prowess, blending innovative design with the quintessential alpine lifestyle.

Photography courtesy of Nomade Architettura Interior design
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- by Matt Watts