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Hayama Apartment: A Beacon of Minimalist Living in Japan

Bright, modern open-concept apartment with wood accents, kitchen, dining area, and guitar.

Discover the stunning transformation of the Hayama Apartment, nestled in the vibrant beach town of Hayama, Japan. Designed by the visionary team at Roovice in 2022, this 55-year-old apartment now shines as a model of minimalist and easy-to-maintain living space. Through innovative design choices, including lauan accents and strategic use of PVC flooring, the apartment has been reimagined to embody the serene atmosphere of its coastal surroundings, offering an airy and bright home that beautifully integrates with the outdoor garden.

Paço Lumiar AC Apartment: A Stunning Lisbon Renovation

Open-concept living space with minimalist kitchen, wooden dining table, and natural lighting.

Discover the Paço Lumiar AC Apartment in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by João Tiago Aguiar in 2023. This stunning apartment transformation showcases a shift towards a modern, open layout. Originally a 2-bedroom property, it’s now a contemporary 1-bedroom space with an ensuite, a reimagined kitchenette, and custom carpentry, creating a cohesive and inviting interior design masterpiece.

Free Garbatella: A Modern Roman Apartment by Fabrizio Forniti

FeaturedModern living room with kitchen, white cabinetry, and a blue sofa.

Discover Free Garbatella, an exquisite apartment nestled in Rome, Italy, designed by Fabrizio Forniti in 2023. This piece of real estate art perfectly marries modern design with the traditional essence of the Garbatella district. Forniti’s renovation breathes new life into the space, showcasing an open layout, vibrant colors, and thoughtful details that transform this apartment into a personal and contemporary home.