Free Garbatella: A Modern Roman Apartment by Fabrizio Forniti

Discover Free Garbatella, an exquisite apartment nestled in Rome, Italy, designed by Fabrizio Forniti in 2023. This piece of real estate art perfectly marries modern design with the traditional essence of the Garbatella district. Forniti’s renovation breathes new life into the space, showcasing an open layout, vibrant colors, and thoughtful details that transform this apartment into a personal and contemporary home.

Modern living room with kitchen, white cabinetry, and a blue sofa.
Modern living room with dining area, wooden floor, and black column.
Contemporary kitchen with white cabinetry and geometric backsplash.
Modern dining area with clear chairs, round table, and pendant light.
Modern room with black accent wall, colorful art, and wood flooring.
Bright children's room with twin beds and playful decor.
Modern bedroom with a red accent wall and a framed sign above the bed.
Modern bathroom with a vessel sink, wall-mounted toilet, and walk-in shower.
Modern bathroom with geometric wallpaper and black fixtures.

About Free Garbatella

A Modern Oasis in the Heart of Rome

Free Garbatella, designed by Fabrizio Forniti in 2023, stands as a masterpiece of modern apartment renovation in the historic Garbatella district of Rome, Italy. Forniti’s vision transformed the space, beginning with a detailed analysis of the site’s architecture, to capture the essence and soul of the area. The project turned into a labor of love, reflecting the deep affection the owners have for their future home.

The Power of Color and Space

Upon entering the apartment, one is greeted by a spacious and bright open space that combines the living room and kitchen, along with a dining area. A creatively designed wooden slat panel hides the building’s utilities while serving as a light, visual separation between the living and dining areas. The use of a deep blue night color on wood moldings and a wall extending towards the sleeping quarters adds elegance.

A Personal Touch Through Design

In this apartment, color plays a pivotal role. The bathrooms showcase distinctive personalities – one adorned with ochre yellow floors and geometric patterns, and another with ash gray tiles accented by textured surfaces. The master bedroom is defined by a bold red wall that acts both as a headboard and a divider for the walk-in closet behind it.

The thoughtful interior layout, the strategic use of color, and the selection of unique gres tile finishes lend this apartment a distinctly personal and modern flavor. Fabrizio Forniti’s Free Garbatella project stands as a testament to how contemporary design can intertwine with personal taste to create a living space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Photography by FAD Fucine Architettura Design
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- by Matt Watts