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Casa Trenta: Exploring Rome’s Art Deco Influence in Modern Spaces

Modern kitchen with geometric floor and wooden dining table.

Discover the charm of Casa Trenta, a Studio Gamp! designed apartment located in Rome, Italy. This 2023 renovation marries the unique 1930s geometric patterns with modern living spaces, showcasing a blend of history and contemporary design. From vibrant blue and yellow floorings to the sleek, open-plan kitchen, Casa Trenta is a testament to stylish, urban living in the heart of Rome.

Casa Monteverde: Revitalizing 1940s Apartment in Rome

Bright living room with modern furniture and a balcony access.

Experience the timeless elegance of Casa Monteverde, a transformative 1940s apartment in Rome, Italy’s historic Monteverde Vecchio neighborhood. Redesigned in 2023 by AnomiaStudio Architetture, this apartment seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor spaces, featuring an enchanting winter garden as the focal point. Explore the light-filled interiors, modern kitchen, and children’s bedrooms designed for creativity and comfort in this stylish architectural masterpiece.

Casa Volver: A Modern Retreat in Rome’s Historic Heart

Modern living room with exposed beams, tiled floors, and stylish furniture.

Casa Volver, crafted by Punto Zero, reimagines a 17th-century apartment in Rome’s historic Monti district into a modern sanctuary. This architectural masterpiece beautifully blends vibrant public areas with peaceful private retreats, showcasing innovative design elements alongside a deep respect for its historical roots. Through the use of thoughtful color schemes and a nod to architectural details, Casa Volver stands as a unique fusion of Rome’s rich heritage with contemporary design aesthetics.

Casa Buondelmonti: A Modern Colorful Retreat in Rome

Casa Buondelmonti: A Modern Colorful Retreat in Rome

Welcome to Casa Buondelmonti, a modern masterpiece designed by 02A Studio in the heart of Rome’s lively Pigneto district.

This independent villa, originally from the early 1900s, boasts a 130 sqm (about 1400 sqft) garden and a 120 sqm (about 1300 sqft) interior space. It features a daring blend of color and minimalistic graphics, creating a fresh and sophisticated style. The villa’s design, with its playful use of space and vibrant color scheme, reflects the joie de vivre of contemporary living while maintaining a strong connection to the community’s spirit.

Domvs House: A Fusion of Timeless Roman Elegance

Domvs House: A Fusion of Timeless Roman Elegance

Domvs House in Rome, Italy, is a modern tribute to the city’s ancient splendor. Crafted by 02A Studio in 2022, this apartment is a marvel of functionality and familiarity.

Overlooking the historical remnants of Emperor Nero’s urban villa, it sits in the esteemed Colle Oppio area. Inside, the early 20th-century space transforms with bespoke craftsmanship, from the master bedroom with its corridor of wardrobes leading to a private bath, to the custom kitchen. Luxurious yet understated, the bathrooms boast artisanal finishes, and even the corridor shines with hand-painted cabinetry in powder blue, complemented by hand-smoothed solid parquet floors with radiant heating and cooling beneath.

Casa Mia: 60s Apartment Turned Chic Home

Casa Mia: 60s Apartment Turned Chic Home

Casa Mia, nestled in the historic outskirts of Rome and masterfully designed by Nora Santonastaso in 2020, exemplifies a bespoke transformation from a 1960s apartment to a modern family haven.

Overcoming the challenge of limited space, Santonastaso reimagined this 70-square-meter (approximately 753-square-foot) dwelling into a spacious and multifunctional home. The redesign focuses on open living areas, integrating cooking, dining, and relaxation in a harmonious flow. With smart spatial organization, the apartment now accommodates two bathrooms, two bedrooms with distinctive styles, and an ingenious study area that blends into the living space.

Casa Mia stands as a testament to innovation, maximizing comfort and style within the classic Roman architecture.