Casa T4: Caleidoscopio Architettura’s Contemporary Apartment Design

This sophisticated Casa T4 apartment in Rome, designed by Caleidoscopio Architettura, effortlessly blends contemporary style and functionality. The young client’s desire for a spacious, inviting living space is beautifully realized in the dynamic interplay of materials and colors throughout the open-plan layout. Anchored by a striking kitchen peninsula and cozy corner sofa, the living area exudes a vibrant, energetic ambiance that captures the essence of modern Italian design.

A modern, minimalist apartment with an open-plan layout, a bold orange sofa, and sleek kitchen.
A modern, open-concept apartment with sleek gray cabinetry, wooden accents, and a vibrant yellow sofa.
Modern kitchen with minimalist cabinetry, wooden table, and pendant lighting.
Modern open-concept apartment with sleek kitchen, living area, and wooden coffee table.
Bright, minimalist living room with orange sofa, black TV unit, and white walls.
A cozy bedroom with a large window, a patterned gray bedding set, and a tropical mural wall.
A vibrant tropical mural adorns the bedroom wall, complementing the blue upholstered headboard and bedding.
Minimalist bathroom design with wooden vanity, patterned tile wall, and sleek chrome faucet.
Contemporary bathroom with sleek glass shower, natural wood vanity, and bold green accents.
Sleek modern bathroom with vessel sink, wooden countertop, and black radiator.

About Casa T4

A Contemporary Oasis in the Heart of Rome

The interior design project for Casa T4 has significantly remodeled the apartment’s spaces to cater to the needs of a young client with a contemporary taste. Consequently, the design team at Caleidoscopio Architettura has crafted a striking and versatile living environment.

Harmonious Contrast in the Living Area

At the heart of the project lies a spacious and welcoming living area. This luminous zone seamlessly integrates a kitchen with a peninsula, separate columns, and a cozy L-shaped sofa. The strong and decisive character of the living area is evident in the contrasting colors and finishes. While the textured concrete in shades ranging from white to black creates a bold backdrop, the vibrant hues of the fabrics and decorations, such as the yellow sofa and the orange stools and pendant lights, inject an energetic and lively ambiance.

Thoughtful Spatial Design

The living area’s walls have been designed to allow for the precise integration of the furniture within recessed niches, complemented by drywall soffits to align the main heights and frame the two passages leading to the bedroom and service areas. These two intermediary spaces add depth and perspective to the living room, with a custom-made wooden wardrobe for the service area and a mirrored door for the bedroom.

Immersive Bathroom Oasis

The primary bathroom is a tropical oasis, with a continuous slate floor extending into the shower and wrapping around the vanity wall, topped by a large horizontal mirror that amplifies the spatial perception. The shower niche is an immersive experience, featuring a large-format tile with a lush leaf pattern in various shades of green.

Bedroom Jungle Escape

Continuing the tropical theme, the bedroom features a jungle-inspired backdrop behind the bed, with trees, animals, and waterways, against which the deep blue bed stands out as the focal point of the space. A series of square openings visually connect the primary bathroom to the bedroom’s hallway and the secondary bathroom, allowing natural light to permeate the spaces without windows.

This comprehensive interior design project at Casa T4 in Rome, Italy, seamlessly blends contemporary style with a harmonious interplay of materials, colors, and lighting, creating a truly unique and captivating living experience.

Photography by Alessia Cavalli – Francesca Smaldore
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- by Matt Watts