Terra Sense – Videmonte: Tranquil Retreat in Guarda

Artspazios Architecture & Design has thoughtfully crafted the interior of the Terra Sense Retreat in the picturesque town of Videmonte, Portugal. This 2023 project seamlessly integrates the tranquil natural surroundings, offering a serene sanctuary for visitors. By employing a rich palette of materials and textures, combined with strategically placed windows that provide glimpses of the enchanting outdoors, the design team has achieved a harmonious balance between the interior and exterior spaces.

Cozy modern living room with sleek fireplace, built-in shelving, and natural textures.
Modern, minimalist living room with large fireplace, glass doors, and natural decor.
Minimalist bedroom interior with wooden panels, raised platform bed, and recessed lighting.
A cozy loft bedroom with a black wooden accent wall, skylights, and twin beds.
A rustic and cozy bedroom with a wooden paneled wall, pendant lights, and textured bedding.
A cozy bathroom with a modern bathtub, wooden stool, and a potted plant, set in a warm, minimalist space.

About Terra Sense – Videmonte

In the charming village of Videmonte, Portugal, the Terra Sense Retreat stands as a serene oasis that perfectly harmonizes with its picturesque natural surroundings. Designed by the renowned Artspazios Architecture & Design team in 2023, this captivating project was envisioned as a sanctuary that would awaken the senses and provide a truly immersive experience for its guests.

A Seamless Integration of Indoors and Outdoors

From the moment one steps into the retreat, the connection between the interior and exterior spaces becomes immediately apparent. Generous windows and glass doors frame the breathtaking vistas, inviting the natural beauty to permeate the interiors. The use of a rich palette of organic materials, such as warm wood tones and earthy textures, further reinforces this harmonious relationship, creating a sense of tranquility and balance throughout the retreat.

Thoughtfully Designed Interiors

The living room, with its inviting seating arrangements and a stunning fireplace, serves as the heart of the retreat. The designers have skillfully blended contemporary and rustic elements, striking a perfect balance between comfort and sophistication. Nearby, the open-concept kitchen and dining area showcase a seamless flow, allowing guests to effortlessly transition between meal preparation and shared dining experiences.

Serene Sanctuary in the Bedroom

Ascending to the upper level, one discovers the retreat’s sleeping quarters, where the soothing palette and the thoughtful use of textures create a truly calming atmosphere. The spacious bedrooms, outfitted with plush bedding and warm lighting, offer a haven for guests to unwind and rejuvenate. A standout feature is the opulent bathroom, with its freestanding tub and delicate accents, providing a luxurious spa-like experience.


The TerraSense Retreat in Videmonte is a masterful interpretation of modern design and a profound connection to the natural world. Artspazios Architecture & Design has successfully crafted an exceptional retreat that seamlessly blends the indoors and the outdoors, offering visitors a remarkable sensory experience and a true haven of tranquility.

Photography by Terra Sense
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- by Matt Watts