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Terra Sense – Videmonte: Tranquil Retreat in Guarda

Cozy modern living room with sleek fireplace, built-in shelving, and natural textures.

Artspazios Architecture & Design has thoughtfully crafted the interior of the Terra Sense Retreat in the picturesque town of Videmonte, Portugal. This 2023 project seamlessly integrates the tranquil natural surroundings, offering a serene sanctuary for visitors. By employing a rich palette of materials and textures, combined with strategically placed windows that provide glimpses of the enchanting outdoors, the design team has achieved a harmonious balance between the interior and exterior spaces.

Monolodge Apartment in Jakarta: Rustic Chic at Its Finest

Monolodge Apartment in Jakarta: Rustic Chic at Its Finest

Welcome to Monolodge, a stunning 90 square meter apartment located in South Jakarta, Indonesia, and designed by the talented team at Co+in Collaborative Lab.

This apartment’s design is a perfect balance between industrial and rustic styles, inspired by the natural warmth of a farmhouse. The designers incorporated a natural color palette with diverse tones of wood and edgy black furniture accents to create a well-aged and vintage look.